Read This If You’re Afraid Of Being Alone

If you’re afraid of being alone, know that you are not the only one. Being alone has become something that’s taboo. There’s feelings of shame and it seems to be something that we fear.  Whether being alone physically or romantically, out of ten people surveyed, 9 of them said that they would not go somewhere by themselves. They don’t like to be in public by themselves. There was no answer as to why other than that they didn’t want to.

Sometimes it’s hard to go out by yourself. Anxiety may be a factor in this or the fact that you just don’t want to feel alone. There’s a difference between being alone and the feeling of loneliness, though. There’s a difference between being alone by choice and having the desire to have people around you. You’re not alone in the desire to have people with you, but is being alone really that bad?

Enjoying alone time is something that’s quite admirable. It can improve mental health which, in turn, can help with physical health. Taking care of your mental health is necessary in order to live the thriving life that we all set out to live. Being alone can seem scary, but it’s also refreshing. It’s refreshing in a way that can’t be experienced any other way. There’s no lying, at times it can be scary, but when you relax and allow yourself to embrace your alone time it’s beautiful.

Fight through the fear – go out by yourself, treat yourself to a day at the spa, go to the nail salon, take yourself on a dinner and/or movie date. If it seems scary to you to go out by yourself to somewhere in public, maybe go to the park and get some of the fresh air – fall is coming up and it’s going to be beautiful. Admire the scenery around you. Let the beauty of nature take hold of you and sink into it.

Go to a coffee shop and write your heart out. Just because you’re alone doesn’t mean that you can’t be in public. Just go. Force yourself out of the house. That errand that you’ve been putting off? (Come on, we all have one.) Go get it done. You’ll feel so much better. You’ll feel accomplished and you may even feel empowered if you do it.

Being alone isn’t something to fear; it’s something to embrace. It’s something empowering and worthwhile. Make it yours. Don’t let it control you anymore, take it and make it something that you enjoy doing. When you show the world that you love your life and you’re not afraid to be somewhere by yourself or do something by yourself, everything can become brighter. It’ll become what you want it to be.

Who really wants to have to turn to someone else to make the decisions? Do you really need that other person to hold your hand and come with you? No. You can grow to love what you do in your alone time. Get to know yourself and get to know why it’s good for you. Don’t get lost in the mess of needing to have others. Love yourself as you are because regardless if there’s someone with you or you’re alone – you are good enough.

Featured image via Mikail Duran on Unsplash. 


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