5 Signs You’re In An Almost Relationship That’s Going Nowhere

An almost relationship is not easy to spot simply because you have expectations and it makes it harder for you to realize the ugly truths. An almost relationship is different from the friend zone; more often than not, an almost relationship is when both parties are interested in each other, yet one is in doubt about whether to continue the relationship or not. So, here are the signs that you may be in an almost relationship:

  1. He sends you mixed signals and gives you false hope.

Sometimes he can be sweet and other times he can be ignorant. You always find yourself questioning his behaviors; Why he doesn’t text back? Why did he cancel the plans at the last minute? Last week he made you feel like a princess, then he disappeared without even a text. You can never predict his behaviors because it’s an ‘on and off’ relationship. You will always feel confused and you always doubt whether to continue on this path or move on from your feeling towards them.   

  1. He likes to spend time with you, but he won’t go any further.

He’s your Netflix buddy, he looks happy to see you, he cares about you, but he won’t bring commitment to the table. You will feel that he holds back when your interactions are going ‘too far’; he will distance himself, then in the next several days, he will come back to you again. This ‘push and pull’ thing will be a never ending cycle which makes you tired. Try to know him deeper, maybe he can’t see himself being together with you because you have different life goals, values, or maybe some needs that he can’t fulfill.

  1. He’s close to you, yet he doesn’t prioritize you.

He only comes to you when he needs you, not when he wants you. He will come to you only when he has a bad day or needs your help. When he is busy with his own life, he will disappear. He cares about you, but you know in your heart that he put himself before you. He seems like he doesn’t have time to have a deep relationship because he’s too busy building his own life or the ugly truth is; he likes someone else.

  1. He makes you feel like you’re the only one who’s trying to work things out.

You’re always the one who can’t wait for the next meeting with him and you’re the one who’s too excited when he spends time with you. You feel like this is only a one-sided relationship because he doesn’t put any efforts to get to know you well. He cares about you, but he doesn’t even bother to ask about how your day was and you are always the one who wants to know his daily life. Not to mention that you’ll get jealous every time you see him in a random girl’s Snapchat updates.    

  1. He makes you deny the feelings you had for him.

Deep down in your heart, you know this relationship is going nowhere. You will try your best to deny the feelings you had for him and say, “No, he’s just a fling; he’s not my type” and try to convince yourself that you’re not in love. You’re protecting your heart from rejection and broken heart, but your mind never questions about why this relationship didn’t work out the way you’ve expected.

The truth is, an almost relationship is only giving you a pseudo-happiness effect; you think that he’s into you, but actually he’s not.

I believe that love should be simple and not make everything complicated. A man’s behaviors are easy to guess if only we’re sensitive enough to understand it. Trust your intuition and don’t ruin it with your expectations; if you feel like he doesn’t like you, believe it and try to see someone else. You have to always remember that sometimes, we are the ones who broke our own heart because of expectations.

Featured image via Jonathan Borba on Unsplash


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