This Is How It Should Truly Feel When You Find Your Home

Once again, I have a desire to escape Los Angeles and call New York City home.

People move to Los Angeles to chase their dreams. With an average of 284 days of sunshine annually and a laid-back lifestyle, the “City of Angels” is a paradise for transplants worldwide. People often relocate to Los Angeles to either pursue a career in entertainment or relish in the lack of seasons.

So what’s not to love about LA? I was born and raised here, but I’ve run away from the city many times. Even the sunny days couldn’t provoke me to stay. Though I’m physically close to my family and friends, Los Angeles lacks the tenderness of home for me.

My wanderlust spirit makes me wonder: What should “home” feel like?

I used to believe that home revolved around a sense of community. After all, a community is usually a small social unit that shares common values. Having a community meets our need for connection and, in theory, promotes our core values and interests. These core values and interests serve as the building blocks that help us feel at home.

Although I have found my community in Los Angeles, the city still hasn’t felt like home.  I’ve always felt that something is missing. I’ve concluded that home isn’t simply belonging to a community; it is something even more.

Home isn’t just a physical location; home exists inside of us.

You know a place is home when it draws you back, even when you are away. When you arrive, whether for the first time or the hundreth, your aura is higher, stronger, more creative, and more joyous. Innovative ideas, inspiration, guidance, and healing all come while you reside in that place.

Home is energy; it’s how we move. It’s flow, a feeling of calm, both before and after the storm. It is happiness and unhappiness, the yin and yang of life.

Home is not perfect, though.

When we are home, our energy, alignment, and state of flow protects us. When challenges cause unhappiness, a sense of home allows us to face our adversity and grow.

It is flawed. It’s a sort of perfectly flawed where we are at peace. It brings us closer to comfort, even in our least comfortable moments.

It’s important to attain that sense of home in your life. It creates meaning and value. It helps us understand who we are. I’ve realized that that home isn’t where your family is. It’s where you feel love, care, and comfort in your own skin.

You may be asking yourself, “Where do I go to find my home?”

Since home is both where your heart and mind dwell, find that place where your heart beats your mind settles. Home is where you can be your true self, so find the place that helps you be the best version of yourself.

Featured Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash.


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