10 Social Media Addictions You Should Give Up For Lent

As most everyone knows, today marks the first day of lent. In my newsfeed I see an abundance of people who are giving up “traditional” things such as sweets, television, internet, alcohol, video games, etc.- which is great because most of these things will help you to achieve a better you. This year I have also heard of several people wanting to give up something different, so taking a look at the most popular thing in our society, social media, I have compiled a list of nontraditional things to give up during lent.

1. No Selfies
As a society, we tend to be very egotistical. It’s not a bad thing most of the time, but during lent the main focus is to give up something that takes you focus away from God. Giving up selfies could be your way of doing this because you will be less focused on taking the perfect picture of yourself, and more focused on taking a “bigger picture” (literally and metaphorically).

2. No Pictures with SnapChat Filters
SnapChat filters tend to distort reality and how you really look. Give up SnapChat filters for 40 days and marvel in the REAL beauty that is you. Try to focus on how God made you perfect and try not to distort that vision.

3. No Stalking
Social media stalking is the first thing I go to when I think of something random that I just “need to know”. While social media is great for looking up information fast, we can become obsessed with something very quickly. *Note the April the giraffe*. It has also become a fad to stalk someone and criticize every portion of their life. None of these things will make you happy in the long run and can be just a distraction during this time.

4. No Negativity
Focus on the positivity in life. Yes the negativity is out there and it always will be. Focusing on the negativity in your life does nothing but destroy you spiritually, emotionally and physically. It can cause depression, and overall make it difficult for you to go through your daily life. Maybe you should give this one up everyday, not just for 40.

5. No Oversharing
I mean, it’s great to know the highlights of your life but if I wanted to know every little detail, I would’ve just asked you and became a close friend. Oversharing can cause drama and negativity in your life, which you don’t need. Social media should be where you go to celebrate the triumphs of life and to get support when you are feeling at your lowest, not your everyday diary.

6. No Life Quizzes
God has a plan for you, and it won’t show up on those life quizzes. While they are cute just for the heck of it, try basking in the glory of God’s current plan for you rather than trying to predict the future through a Facebook life quiz.

7. No Meme’s
Memes, while they can be funny, can be a distraction and take you off the real focus in life. By no way am I saying give up jokes and humor, just memes. It’s okay to laugh, I promise.

8. No Game’s
Games are also a distraction from the bigger picture. Take a little time away from Farmville and online games and try some new things during this time. I am sure you will find other ways to entertain yourself, and become closer to your surroundings.

9. No Politics
The politics on Facebook is a GIANT distraction in our society and definitely a huge source of negativity. Instead of focusing on all the negativity surrounding our current President, try finding positivity somewhere else. April the Giraffe is a good source of positivity. So are cat videos. Share more of those!

10. No Sharing Fake News
Fake news can be heartbreaking. Make sure to use reliable sources when sharing posts because it will save the hearts of millions. Think twice before you share that celebrity death post.

The most important thing to remember during lent is that whatever you give up, should help you focus more on God. This 40 day journey should bring you to a new spiritual level, so on top of giving something up try reading a few books and learning more about the spiritual journey you are on.

Even if you aren’t religious, try giving something up during lent. While your journey will not be focusing on God, you can definitely create more positivity in your life which is ALWAYS beneficial. Remember it’s only a 40 day commitment, so you can always return to your ways after Thursday, April 13.

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