Why You Should Move On From Those Who Have Hurt You

There comes a time in your life when you just want to throw your hands up in the air in surrender to life and the lemons it throws at you. When you constantly ask why you, of all people, experience the things you do, go through all the pain and heartbreak you do, and meet assholes who do nothing but make your life miserable, it’s hard to let go.

But letting go is what you need to do. Let go of…

That Boss who made your life a living hell

As your boss, they were supposed to help you grow. They were the one person you were expecting lessons and tips from to become better in your craft. They were who you were looking up to for guidance in the ways of the world. But they weren’t that person and they made your career life a drag.

There’s a chance they were just insecure and only wanted to pull you down because they felt threatened by your quick wit, drive, and intelligence. They may have hindered your growth and made you question your capabilities because you were young and had so much potential.

Don’t regret following their lead. At the end of the day, they made you a better person. You learned the extent of your patience. You became sharper. And most of all, you learned the kind of leader you won’t be when you take their job.

That Professor who bombed you unreasonably

You never missed a class. Your raised your hand and participated in recitations, if not all the time, at least more than your other classmates did. You knew there was no way you were failing since you passed all your quizzes. But you did – you failed. They gave you a red mark.

Forget about your professor who caused the delay of your graduation, of that extra semester you had to enroll in.

But don’t regret being in their class. Them being unfair made you look back and figure out where things went wrong. They made you think that there must have been a reason why they flunked you. This helped you mature. You learned how to look at yourself first before others, and then stand up for yourself when you know you’re right.  

This was one of the moments that taught you how to speak up.

That Office Mate who doubted you

They were your partner. They knew how much work you put into every shift. They were aware of every second you spent at the office. More than that, they were the first person you told about your new hobby, of your dreams and interests outside work.

They were also the first person to feel bad when you got the promotion. They were questioning how it happened when they were doing better. They started ignoring you until you weren’t friends anymore.

Never regret spending your work life with them. This was the time when you realized that not everybody can be happy for you. The time when you learned that you cannot expect those who you treat as a friend to do the same. This was when you knew that there was a thin line between friends and just office mates, when you realized that toxic people only suck the life out of you so you stay away from them.

That Best Friend who betrayed you

They were your go-to person when all the world turned its back on you, the first person you called to talk about anything and everything. They were who you depended on, aside from your family. They were the sibling you never had, the family you chose along the way, your partner in crime.

But of all the people who you thought had your back, they were the first one to sell you out. They spilled your secrets to the people who were the very reason why you had things to hide. They didn’t understand you at that time when you needed them to the most. They left you for another ‘best friend’ and it felt worse than a breakup.

Never regret sharing your life with her. She was the reason you learned that not even the things you thought are for keeps will stay, that the people you love the most – especially them – are capable of hurting you. Never regret having a friend-turned-foe because she was a part of you – your growth, your self-improvement.

That First Love who broke your heart

You thought he was the one. He made you smile, laugh, and look forward to a future together. He made you feel good, and everything was better when he was around. He loved the things you hate about yourself and for once, you thought you were having your own fairy tale. Only it didn’t have a happy ending.

Never hate him. Never regret him and everything that happened. This was the time when you felt different kinds of emotions, when you learned there is more than just being happy and sad. This was when you learned that you could put others before yourself effortlessly just for the sake of their happiness. This was the moment you learned you are strong, that you are capable of giving.

Let go of the people who try to bring you down. Let go of them to give yourself another chance, another shot at life, and at being happy. Realize that above all else, what’s important is for you to love yourself first… that it’s important to choose yourself over and over at all times, at all costs.

Learn to let go of the people who brought negativity into your life. Learn to let go, but letting go doesn’t have to mean forgetting. Though you’re better off without them in your life, they also helped shape you into the person you are today, and that’s one thing you should definitely not be ashamed of.

Featured image via Guilherme Becker on Pexels


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