The 15 Highest Paying Jobs For Women In 2019

Two of the most remarkable changes of the 21st century are gender equality and the opportunities that women have as compared to the previous years.

World War II made it necessary for women to work in order to support the family while the men were away fighting and protecting their nations. This was followed by the women’s movement and soon, more women started entering the workforce.

Today, women have made rapid strides in the corporate world even though the job market is still a male-dominated world. If you’re already in the corporate world or you’re planning to move into it soon, here are some of the best paying jobs for you.

1. Chief Executives

Being a chief executive puts you in complete control of your organization. You are responsible for making the right decisions, implement strategies, communicate, inspire, and do many more things that are necessary to put your company on the path of growth and revenue.

It is a little wonder that chief executives are paid the most today. According to the Bureau of Labor Studies, women earn around $100,000 a year on average in this role.

2. Lawyers

Women tend to be good lawyers because they tend to be more empathetic and balanced that men. Most of them can discern between the right and wrong and the natural communication skills that women are endowed with, make them the right choices for this career path. The Bureau of Labor Studies shows that women earn an average of $92,000 in this role.

3. Producers and Directors

If you’re one of those creative women who have a flair for telling a good story, this role is right for you. Though Hollywood and even the theater scene is dominated by men producers and directors, this trend is changing rapidly. Women are also able to come up with unique storylines that connect well with a global audience. The average yearly earnings come to about $76,500.

4. Pharmacists

Female pharmacists are common today and you can pretty much see them at any drug store or pharmacy. Duties in this role involve interpreting a physician’s prescription, compounding or dispensing medicines as the case may be, and identifying any therapeutic incompatibilities as they come up.

With more than 150,000 pharmacists in the U.S alone, the average annual salary is around $95,000.

5. Computer and Information Systems Managers

Tech used to be a male bastion once, but not anymore considering the rate at which women are entering this field. Whether it is coding, testing, or managing computer systems, women are at the fore in all of these tasks, and they start even younger these days thanks to STEM companies. The average annual salary in this role is about $70,500.

6. Marketing and sales managers

A combination of creativity, communication, and people management has helped women to rise to the top in the field of sales and marketing. This role is one of the core functions of any business, regardless of its nature or size, and this explains why women are paid around $71,000 a year for working in this position.

7. Physical therapists

Physical therapists help patients improve their mobility or manage their existing condition better. Since this job requires a world of patience, women are well-suited for it. In fact, this is one field where women outnumber men, according to the BLS and the average salary is around $72,000.

8. Psychologists

Psychologists work with people of all ages to improve their mental and physical well-being. At a time when we are surrounded by depression and other mental illnesses, this field is all set to see exponential growth in the next decade. The average annual salary for a psychologist is around $75,000.

9. Financial analysts

A financial analyst is one of the most popular careers in finance simply because you can work across a wide range of industries and have great earning potential. With more than 100,000 women in this field, the average salary is around $72,000.

10. Physical scientists

A physical scientist is someone who focuses on the physical properties and energies of different objects. This role makes it easy to understand the way different objects behave, so they can be used well within a larger ecosystem. The average annual salary is around $73,000.

11. Speech-language pathologists

One of the areas that has seen rapid growth in the last couple of decades is speech-language pathology. This field deals with the treatment of different anomalies in human speech and communication – a trait important to live a good life in a connected society. Since this field extends from infants to seniors, a speech-language pathologist has innumerable opportunities to grow. The average salary comes to around $65,000.

12. Occupational therapists

An occupational therapist is someone who improves mobility, prevents injuries, and promotes health in people of all ages. They use a myriad of exercises and movement techniques to achieve this objective. The average annual salary is $65,000.

13. Human resources managers

Every organization needs a team that takes care of hiring and training employees. They also take care of all of their needs within the organization, and they are headed by a human resources manager. This role requires excellent interpersonal and negotiation skills. The average annual salary is $69,000.

14. Computer programmers

A computer programmer is someone who writes the code and programming logic necessary for different computer applications and websites to function. It requires specialized knowledge in computer programming languages and a natural interest in program development. The average salary comes to $70,000

15. Engineers

Engineer works across a broad spectrum of industries and the nature of work depends on your specialization and area of interest. Though your salary varies based on your industry, the average is around $74,000.

These are some of the highest paying jobs for women but remember that there are always more depending on your interests! We all have to be the driving force in the fight for change and equality, so let’s prove to everyone that women can do it all. Which one of these amazing jobs will you choose?

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