5 Superpowers You Didn’t Know Your Vagina Had

Vulva’s have superhero abilities. The proper name kind of went all Invisible Women, so, you may know it by the term of choice ‘vagina’, however that’s only one part of the whole avengers team. Here are 5 superhero things that our vagina’s can do!

#1: They self-clean!
Occasionally you might notice a white or yellow discharge but, there’s no need to worry. It’s part of the self-clean process and means bacteria is being fought off. This action prevents nasty pathogens from getting to our treasure chests. (aka the uterus) Neat right? It’s one of many reasons it’s not recommended to douche. A simple rinse with water will do, you’ll feel and smell clean without harming the natural order.  


#2: One day they might be able to save lives.
New trials have been created to treat patients with heart failure. How? Stem cells are extracted from the menstrual blood and used to generate new ones. Then scientists use them to produce new and various types of cells, one of which creates muscle cells for the heart.

#3: They change color.
No it’s not a chameleon. FYI woohoo’s come in all shapes and sizes, no two are the same. They can change to a lighter or darker color for a few reasons. If you notice a darker shade, it may be caused by sexual arousal & pregnancy. If it’s a lighter or duller shade, it can be due to menopause and loss of estrogen. It’s nothing to concern yourself with because it’s all perfectly normal.

#4: They have been known to get larger.
Not as big as the Hulk or anything though. It’s also not caused by anger (sorry Bruce Banner), When you become sexually aroused, just like with a penis, blood flows to the area. A lot of it. When this happens, the blood vessels expand which is why vulva’s do as well.

#5: Some superheroes have shields (Like Captain America)
And if you didn’t know, the lower region does as well. I mean we can’t whip em’ out to fight, but they do protect us from harm. These shields are the vulva. The inside of the vagina connects to the uterus before the cervix. The cervix acts as a barrier between things outside getting stuck inside. We have our own Guardians of the Galaxy looking out for us, because contrary to popular belief, it’s not an endless black hole down below. There is an end, and it’s a tiny gap that really only allows sperm to sneak through. So, don’t battle any penis’ without a protective suit on, ok? Unless you want to, go nuts.

In a way, vulva’s kind of have superpowers. Is it enough to join the Avengers Initiative? Maybe not but, we totally deserve a superhero certificate. What do you think?

Featured Image via Screengrab of “The Avengers”


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