9 Etiquette Tips To Remember During the Holidays

The time has arrived where we come together with our closest family and friends for some holiday festivities. It isn’t until we actually go to fancy occasions, such as a work party, or a dinner at your grandmother’s house where you remember certain manners we don’t often remember, yet we should. To ensure you are on your most polite behavior, here is a reminder of some etiquette we should apply more often.

Don’t Arrive Too Early

Showing up extremely late is an unwritten “no-no,” unless specified to the host beforehand because of a valid reason. But showing up early causes the host to feel rushed and if they’re not ready in time it can cause an uncomfortable mood for the beginning of the party.

Don’t Go Empty Handed

When someone has invited you to their home for a celebration, always bring something. Whether it’s a bottle of wine or a tasty dessert. It shows you put thought into helping out and it’s a small gesture that the host/hostess will greatly appreciate.

Don’t Bring Something That Requires Prep

You don’t want to have to create more work for the host of the party. They are already running around like a chicken with its head cut off, worrying about putting your warm dip in the oven should be the last thing on their mind. However, if it requires a crock pot (like meatballs) that you provide, just take responsibility and heat it yourself.

Don’t Hog The Host

I get you may not know anyone else at the party so you want to cling onto the only person you know, but if they are the host you need to let them engage with everyone. It gives you the opportunity to meet people as well if you mingle.


Don’t Be On Your Phone All Night

It’s absolutely rude to have your nose stuck in your phone, bottom line. It shows that you are uninterested in the event you are attending and that someone else is more entertaining. Please keep your phone checking to a minimal, only if you are waiting to hear from someone on their way or helping with directions. Pay attention to the people in front of you!

Don’t Be Negative

Nobody likes a negative Nancy who complains about every single thing about the party. To be frank, no one wants to hear your criticism, especially if it’s about things the host/hostess cannot control. If you’ve never planned an event on a larger scale you wouldn’t understand the pressure they are under and that things do go wrong.

Dress Appropriately

Keep Rudolph’s lights dimmed and refrain from putting dancer and prancer on display so you look like a Vixen. Not only does it make people uncomfortable seeing your nipples poking through your shirt, but it also creates unwanted attention away from the party.

Always Offer to Help

If there is one thing I cannot stand is when people sit on their butts the entire night and do not offer any help. If you see the host looking a little stressed or overwhelmed, offer help immediately, even if it’s helping to bring around a tray of food. Or if you notice a few things don’t be afraid to start collecting garbage, or refilling ice cube trays. People will notice your initiative and you’ll get great brownie points.

Don’t Eat and Leave ASAP

It’s extremely rude to show up right before a meal and leave almost immediately after. Every family has people who are like this, and yes everyone talks smack about you after you leave. Plus no one wants to invite you to other functions if you are constantly guilty of doing this.

I know a lot of these seem like common sense but you’d be surprised by how many people don’t do these things. Good manners go a long way, especially if it’s at a significant other’s party. Make a good reputation of yourself and be the person you want people to invite to every gathering. Now go on Pinterest and find an easy dish to bring to the next potluck.

Featured Image via screengrab from Love Actually.


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