What I Would Say If I Could Talk To My Younger Self

Dear Younger Self,

I made it. Well, we made it. We got out of high school alive, got through college unscathed (although a bit shaken from all the sleepless nights and cramming), bombed one too many job interviews, finally got our first job, handed in our first resignation letter for that same job, moved thousands of miles away from our hometown, lost old friends and gained some new ones. We have experienced lots of things throughout the years in which we have learned tons of lessons that helped shape us into the person that we are today.

As you can see, I’m still trying to improve myself for the better these days. I haven’t got that dream career that you used to spend so much time thinking about. I’m doing my best, just like you always did when things got tough.

I know you didn’t have it easy in the past. You spent most of your time trying to prove yourself to the people around you. But a lot has changed since then. I no longer feel the need to keep on doing things to gain others’ approval. I now do what I have to do without worrying about what others may think because I have realized along the way that my feelings should outweigh others’ opinions. Always.

If you knew then what I know now, you could’ve relaxed more. But, well, I guess that’s part of the learning process. We’re supposed to fret about our future, worry tirelessly about what tomorrow will bring. I think we’re all supposed to view the coming times bigger than they really are. We’re expected to wonder about what lies ahead of us with a hint of fear because, in this way, we’ll be able to acquire a skillset that would prepare us for whatever’s bound to come. However, I figure we can never be fully prepared.

Even if you thought you have spent enough time to completely equip yourself for all the things your life would bring, I hate to tell you this, but you got it wrong. At 17 years old, you almost failed one of your classes in college. At 18, you had your heart broken for the first time and, my god, it was as if your world crumbled right before your eyes. But at 19, you got back up. You learned to dust yourself off and try again. You discovered your way through life with the people who have always been there for you since day one. At 21, you successfully earned your college degree. At 23, you made the biggest decision you’ve ever made in your life – you left home. And now, at 24, we finally realized that home is where you make it.

My younger self, I hate to break it to you, but your life isn’t turning out exactly the way you have pictured it, but it’s alright. We’re doing fine; I can attest to that.

The road that’s been laid out in front of us isn’t perfect, and that’s how it should be. Through the years, we have gone over bump after bump but the good news is – we never stopped. And I, your future self, am never ever going to.

Featured image via Brooke Cagle on Unsplash


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