Why I Still Find The Concept Of Santa Claus Creepy

Waking up on December 25th for Christmas morning with the family is one of the best memories I have of being a kid. All of the presents under the tree and the sense of urgency to know what Santa Claus had brought me for being such a good girl that year. As a kid, you are told so many different bits and pieces about this man who comes and delivers presents to you. Now that I’m all grown up, and can think about Santa more literally, I can’t get over the concept of just how creepy the stories about him actually are. Here’s why he’s a little creepy:


1. An Old Man Comes into Your Home Unannounced

Does anybody else think this is just a little bit strange? As a kid, we are told he sneaks down the chimney to drop presents off a night for the good children. Sure it’s magical, but why not make it easier and open the front door if we trust him that much?


2. He Judges You

All year long he watches everything you do and keeps a tally of whether you were “naughty” or “nice”. Santa Claus is like a legal stalker watching every move you make.


3. “He Sees You When You’re Sleeping”

Now this point kind of ties in with the second one, however, this I felt strongly about so I thought it should be addressed on its own. Watching kids while they sleep… is this not scary even as an adult to think someone is watching your kid?


4. He Lives Secluded From Society in the North Pole

We are told he lives secluded in the middle of the North Pole, in a place where no one has found on a modern day map, with little elves helping him make toys for all the little boys and girls of the world. Need I say more?


5. No One Knows Who He Is Yet We Trust Him Unconditionally

We have absolutely no idea who this person is that if we ran into him on the side of the road we wouldn’t recognize him, yet we greet him and shower him with cookies and milk for breaking into our homes every December 24th.


6. Sitting on Santa’s (Stranger’s) Lap at the Mall

All parents get a huge kick out of having their kids sit on Santa’s lap to ask him for presents and then pose for a photo. As a kid, I was told never to talk to a stranger, but apparently, a guy dressed in a big red suit offering me toys is perfectly okay to talk to.

The memories of Santa Claus to me will always be one of the best parts of my childhood Christmases. Every year making cookies, leaving them out for Santa, waking up Christmas morning to gifts. However, as an adult looking back, although good times were had, the stories are a little bit dated and scary for modern-day society. Maybe we should one day change the story of Santa Claus, or maybe add a little more details. But for now, just have a great holiday season everyone!

Featured image via __ drz __ on Unsplash


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