Why It’s Important To Keep Your Faith In This Scary World

I’ve been there. There have been many moments throughout my life where I have questioned my faith and where I stand with God. I questioned him and why I was having to go through certain situations. It wasn’t until after the fact that I learned the lesson behind all of it. I feel as though I have done a really good job at learning that everything really does happen for a reason. Good and bad times help define us and shape us into respectable human beings. But only if we figure out the meaning.

It’s easy to complain. It’s easy to feel helpless and insecure in your faith. It is truly difficult to give yourself to God and trust him in every situation. That’s what he really wants. I believe that is why he puts us through troubling times. To test us and see what we will do in that situation. There hasn’t been a time in my life that I have doubted if he was there, I know he is and I never make a decision without consulting him first. But it can be really hard to keep faith with all that’s happening in the world.

Most headlines and news stories are quite scary these days. With all the mass murders, terrorism, and wars it’s really common for people, even those of the strongest faith, to question if God is there at all. How could he let this happen? Why is he not helping? The truth is, if we turned to him more, maybe he would help. Maybe like when he puts us through our own trials and tribulations to test our faith, he is testing the world’s faith.

There is no denying that we should trust him.He has a plan. But the real question is not “if”, but “how”. How can you trust someone who is putting us through such terrible situations? How can you have faith in someone that is allowing these terrible things to happen? Although it won’t be easy, it will definitely be worth it. Keeping your faith in this scary world is a very difficult thing to do. But at the end of the day, it won’t matter what happened. All that will matter is how you responded to it. If you keep your faith and trust in God, he will provide for you. He will keep you safe in all that happens in the world until it is your time to go.

So figure out what you are scared of. Identify your fears. Make a list and then evaluate it. Pay close attention to the things you can control. And then simply give the rest to God. Be intentional in your faith. Open your heart and your deepest fears to him and he will provide you with comfort and safety. And understand that if it is time for something to happen, it will happen. That is out of your control

Pray out loud. Try praying with someone. Moral support is a critical part of your faith. It’s difficult to keep your faith if you feel alone in your journey. Having people there to help and support you is crucial no matter what. The world is a scary place, but having faith that you are safe and loved can make it all better.

If the news headlines and stories worry you, put them away. Don’t read the news or watch it on TV. It’s good to stay updated, but if it makes you question your faith, you should try and limit your exposure. As a college student, finding time for my faith is difficult enough. So if you find yourself in a similar situation, give it all to God. He is sure to take care of it all!

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