10 Infographic Posters You Need To Buy For Your Room Right Now

Every picture tells a story, some just do it better than others. A prime example is infographic posters, or visual representations of data or information. As boring as that sounds, they are actually really cool! They are unique and different from ordinary posters because they convey information in a visually pleasing manner by combining words and pictures to tell a story. From the grand taxonomy of rap names to the different phases of the moon, infographics can convey information on just about any topic. Plus, they are way more pleasing to the eye than any old movie poster. Here are 10 infographic posters that will add a little character and personality to your humble abode:

The Ultimate Coffee Chart


Perfect for any coffee connoisseur! Whether you go for a classic drip or prepare a French Press each morning, you can sip your cup o’ joe while admiring this intricate compendium of coffee drinks.

The Grand Taxonomy of Rap Names


I don’t care who you are, this is something that anyone could stare at for hours. It features over 250 rap names organized according to semantics. Even if you don’t like rap music, this one is definitely an entertaining infographic to see!

This Delicious Cheese Wheel


Sixty five delectable cheeses from around the world make up this mouth-watering wheel of cheese. The cheeses are organized by animal from which the milk was produced and by cheese texture. Any cheese lover deserves to have this hanging in their kitchen.

A Chart of Fancy Eyewear


From Lady Gaga’s iconic shades to Johnny Depp’s waspy frames, this poster combines some of the greatest fashion icons and famous characters featuring some pretty sweet spectacles.

This Pawesome Dog Chart


Got a thing for dogs? Who doesn’t?! This chart of dog breeds can feed anyone’s pooch obsession! And who wouldn’t love having a bunch of dogs on their wall to stare at anytime they wanted?

The Structures of New York City


From the Statue of Liberty and the One World Trade Center to St. Patrick’s Cathedral and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, this chart has all the world-famous sights from the city that never sleeps.

This Phases of the Moon Chart


Satisfy your inner astronomer with this nifty chart that shows the phases of the moon. This infographic is simple, but chock full of cool information and photos that sheds a little light on our wonderful moon.

This Yoga Poster

Looking for the perfect yoga pose to start your day? Want to stretch your muscles after a hardcore spin class? Or maybe challenge yourself to learn a new yoga pose every week? This chart is the perfect reference for beginner to advanced level yogis.

This infographic of the world as 100 people


We too often become desensitized to our surroundings and forget that the world we live in is so awesomely diverse. This chart serves as a friendly reminder of the beautiful heterogeneity among the human race and will help you gain a little perspective.

A Board of Delicious Sandwiches


This internationally inspired board of delectable sandwiches features over 80 different between-the-bread meals that will seriously make your mouth water. Whether you want to make the perfect grilled cheese, a scrumptious lobster roll or a classic Italian sub, this chart is the perfect reference for all of your sandwich cravings.

Forget decorating your walls with a boring piece of photography or an outdated movie poster, these 10 infographics are more interesting and add so much personality to a space. Plus, who doesn’t want to learn how to make the perfect latte or chicken parm sandwich by simply glancing up at their wall?

Featured Image via Etsy.


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