This Guy Photoshops His Dog Into A Giant And It’s Priceless

We live in a world where dogs basically rule their owners. Even if you don’t have a dog, I’m sure most of you jump at the opportunity to hang with friends who have dogs.

Many dream of having a giant, furry BFF. It’s probably why those ridiculously priced Costco bears go out of stock every year. What is a dream for most is a reality for Chris Cline whose puppy Juji is basically Clifford, the big Red Dog. Okay, well the goldendoodie technically isn’t but Photoshop and reality is basically the same thing, right?

Cline photoshops his adorable pup, Juji into a giant and it is hilarious in the cutest way possible. Take a look below at #Clinesworld:

  1. Netflix & Chill

    Man's best friend is also man's best pillow. #clinesworld

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  2. All Juji wants is a hug!

  3. Juji is adorable tiny & big

    My tiny puppy. Goodness, I love this face. #goldendoodlesofinstagram #goldendoodle

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  4. Who needs the gym when you can just lift Juji?

  5. Nothing like relaxing with your pup after a long day.

    A boy and his puppy. #love_rebelsunited

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  6. No big, just Juji taking Chris out for a walk.

    "I love the feeling of sand between my toes, Dad!"… Walks on the beach with a wet dog is just what I need right now. It's so cold here. Todays theme in the @jjcommunity is "The Ocean", which is nice because I'm kinda getting worn out on the winter photos. But it's nice to know that in just 4 short months I'll be doing this once more with my little buddy. #barkbox #Bestdog #worldofcutepets #chrisandjuji #goldendoodles #dogsofinstagram #goldendoodlesofinstagram #weeklyfluff #rsa_graphics  #ig_underground #shotaward #dogsofinstaworld #dogsandpals #dogscorner #igbest_dogs  #excellent_dogs #dog #puppiesofinstagram #bestwoof #dailydoseopuppies #instadog  @dogsandpals #petscorner #animaladdicts #mydogiscutest #petsofinstagram #exklusive_shot #jj_forum_1593

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  7. Giddy Up!
  8. A fun Juji & Chris playdate.

  9. Casually contemplating about life on a lazy Sunday.

    Lazy Sunday with puppy. #clinesworld #rebels_l

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  10. Cardio is key.

    While I wish I could have a giant puppy, Chris will keep that dream at bay for me while I immerse myself in For more of Cline’s work, or if you’re interested in turning your pup into a giant, check out his Instagram.

Featured Image Via Christopher Cline


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