9 Dos And Don’ts For Picking The Perfect College Pet

Having a pet in college is the coolest thing. You can brag about it to all your friends, people will ask you to come over and see it (instantly boosting your popularity, how cool), and at the end of the night you will have this loving animal to come home to. That’s the bright side of things. The not so bright side is that a lot of pets are very high maintenance. Let’s be honest here, ain’t nobody got time for that. In addition to that, sometimes the living situation you are in is not fair to them.

Below is guide of dos and don’ts to college pets. You will be able to find the perfect cute, cuddly, fun animal that will give you bragging rights, that won’t require all of your time and are perfectly fit for dorm or apartment life.

Do have a pet fish:

This is the easiest animal out there, most of the time. Clean out that tank every so often, give it a nice leafy plant to swim around, and drop some fish food in there, that’s all. You can do it, I believe in you. Unless you’re my best friend who killed his fish in a few hours. Don’t worry, we gave Felicia a full fishy funeral.

Don’t have a dog:

Honestly, this option just isn’t fair to the dog. They need space to run around and constant attention when they are a puppy. Unless it is a small, well-trained dog, don’t do it. Even then it still isn’t your best choice, keep reading for other options if the fish didn’t already sell you.giphy

Do have a cat:

I am not a huge fan of cats mind you, I am a dog person, but after seeing how easy they are these are a good option. If you want something cuddly and easy to maintain, this is your option. They’re a pretty big time and money commitment, but not nearly as much so as dogs are.


Don’t have a horse:

That will not fit in your room. End of story.


Do have a turtle:

You have to research what kind of turtle works for you but these are a pretty good option. They also do not require to my knowledge any trips to the vet and won’t take up much of your time with maintenance.


Don’t have a miniature pig:

I know, ever since Chelsea Houska got one I’ve wanted one too but don’t do it. I’m sure this animal is a lot to handle and I know your roommates would not appreciate the noises that come out of a pig. And let’s be honest, do you really want to clean up pig sh*t? No. The answer is no.


Do have a pet rock:

This one you can handle, I believe in you. All you gotta do is glue some googly eyes on that bad boy and give it some sunlight every now and then…unless you are like my friend with the dead fish. His pet rock died as well via fall from third floor window. Long story.


Don’t have a bird:

Birds are not dorm or apartment friendly. Please don’t keep your neighbors up with Polly’s squawking. You probably annoy them enough already. Be conscious of that and also you will probably grow to hate it since it will always be in your room chirping.


Do have a stuffed animal:

Final the easiest of options with the highest cuddling ratio. This animal will never tell you no to cuddles. Please for the love of all animals, choose this option. You cannot harm it. Worse comes to worse, it loses an eye that you can kindly ask your mom to sew back on. Explain to her that Mr. Fluffy needs to be able to see and he shouldn’t be subjected to an eye patch.


There you have it, several animals that are great options to have in college. Please take all scenarios and important facts into consideration before choosing to purchase or adopt any animal. Consider them first. Save the animals from your drunk, overly loving friends.

Featured Image via darkmornings/Jestem Kasia


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