5 Simple Goals You Need To Set For Yourself This School Year

As another school year approaches, you promise yourself that this will be the year. This will be the year where you get awesome grades, date your ideal partner, have all the best clothes, and totally get your life together! Isn’t this what you promise yourself every year? You stick to it for a while and then everything just slowly dissipates as the year progresses.

There has never been a better time to make this year different.

This is the year to step up and make it the best one yet. Take advantage of your time in college because it’s a once in a lifetime experience that you’ll miss once you graduate. Here are some tips on how to make the most of your school year and have fun while doing it!

1. Make time for your friends

College shouldn’t just be about working all the time, although that is very important. Make time for both work and play. Don’t let working and homework take over your life because the next thing you know college will be over and you’ll wonder where the past few years of your life went.

2. Learn how to cook

Cooking might not be your forte but in the real world you can’t just order pizza every night at 2 AM. Just learning how to cook a simple meal like a yummy pasta dish or even something that doesn’t require actual cooking (like a smoothie) will make you feel so accomplished!

3. Do something different

If staying in every weekend is your thing, then go out and do something! It doesn’t have to be to a party, but even just going on a walk with a friend will get you to switch up your routine. Maybe even try volunteering at a local animal shelter! If you decide after it’s not your thing, at least you can say you’ve tried!

4. Talk to someone new

I’ve made some great friends by just talking to people who sit next to me in my classes. You could even compliment the person in front of you at Starbucks on their cool shoes. Our world is so overrun by technology that sometimes we forget what it’s like to talk to a real person.

5. Take care of your body

It’s so important to take care of our bodies while we’re young. We only have one life so that’s even more reason to take care of ourselves properly so we can make the most of every day. Be conscious of what you put in your body and it will thank you.

Don’t let this year pass you by. Take advantage of every opportunity you get. Instead of pressuring yourself to change your entire life at once, try setting little goals for yourself every month! Put yourself outside of your comfort zone because everyone knows that nothing great ever happens inside it.

Featured image via Stanley Morales on Pexels


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