Your Beloved Juicy Couture Tracksuit Is Making A Comeback This Fall

This past week has been full of throwbacks: Kanye and Taylor are fighting again. It’s socially acceptable to talk about Pokemon. And now, Juicy Couture is bringing back the tracksuit.

Anyone who was anyone in the early 2000s rocked one of these bad boys when they wanted to feel their cutest — and even cooler was having some title sprawled across the butt just in case you didn’t catch that I was a *princess*. Personally, all of mine were labeled, “Cheerleader.”

Well, our velour favorite is making a comeback for Juicy’s 2016 Fall line in celebration of it’s 21st birthday. Boy, do I feel old. To launch their campaign this week, the fashion line released a promotional video of 21 totally gorgeous models and fashion influencers rocking the classic tracksuit — using the hashtag #trackisback.

While I know this news definitely made Paris Hilton’s day, your average millennial woman probably doesn’t relish trading in their leggings to look like Regina George’s mom. But as sexy as these ladies look while rocking their best velour hoodies, I’m willing to reconsider.

Featured video via Juicy Couture on Youtube.


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