What You Need To Know About Dating Someone In The Medical Field

Seeing people succeed in moving on to graduate level medical programs is both impressive and ultra attractive, especially if you’re in the market for a significant other. Hard work and intelligence are admirable qualities; however, whether it be med school, dental school, or physical therapy programs, be aware the reality of dating someone training to be in the medical field may not be what you expect.

What even is discretion?

Typical human functions become obsolete when they’ve all taken gross anatomy. In layman’s terms, gross anatomy is exactly what it sounds like– it’s gross, and its anatomy. Your partner will have literally dissected every square inch of the human body. So, when your S.O. has seen things like the inside of the heart, what’s a little gas? Or digging for gold? It’s all a normal part of living. Romance is shot to hell within the first couple of months.

unwritten1Be prepared for pictures that are sure to ruin your lunch.

You may be looking forward to thoughtful reminders that your partner is thinking of you throughout the day. When you date someone who is training to be a medical professional, they get all hot and bothered over stuff like pulled teeth, sacs of pus, or obscure fecal matter. You may get texts that resemble something like this…

unwritten 2Should I be turned on? Or taking notes?

They may also try to subtly talk dirty to you using names of body parts that sound perverse, but typically have no relation to sex. These conversations may include lines like “I’d like to take a look at your gingiva later”, accompanied with a suggestive eyebrow wiggle. These are things you must learn to laugh at, even if you have to clarify whether you should be turned on, or just admiring their vast array of knowledge.

Just Pay the Co-Pay

Lastly, you can’t complain about any type of physical ailment without it turning into a full body diagnosis. It may seem convenient to go to your S.O. about a random ache or pain, but doing this can have worse effects than googling your symptoms on Web MD. Unless you’ve already locked down an MD, help them help you by just hitching a ride with them to a practicing professional.

Don’t get me wrong; when you find the right one, you just know. It’s both a privilege and a spectacle to be partners with someone embarking on such an exciting journey. However, be aware that sometimes it may come with a little extra medical baggage. (Refer back to the jar of teeth.)

Featured Image via screengrab From Grey’s Anatomy.


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