35 Things You Never Realized Are Tearing Your Relationship Apart

Over time in a relationship, couples fail to recognize the things that are tearing their relationship apart. What might have started as an insignificant habit has now turned into natural instinct. And the more they happen the more the relationship is deteriorating. Oftentimes, these small things are unnoticeable.

Here are 35 things that may be tearing your relationship apart. 

  1. Lying. About anything important or even minor. It’s always a red flag.
  2. Pretending you’re fine when you’re not. 
  3. Avoiding eye contact when they’re speaking, especially during a serious conversation.
  4. Saying yes to sex even when you don’t want to.
  5. Flirting with other people behind your partner’s back.
  6. Seeing each other 24/7 with no breaks.
  7. Dictating who our partner can and can’t hang out with. 
  8. Never paying for anything.
  9. Going through your partner’s phone when they leave the room.
  10. Having the same conversation all the time. 
  11. Forcing the other person to have sex with you when they don’t want to.
  12. Limiting their time spent with family or friends. 
  13. Breaking promises.
  14. Refusing to compromise. 
  15. Forgetting important dates, milestones, or celebrations. 
  16. Flirting with other people in front of your partner to make them jealous.
  17. Barely seeing each other when you live apart and have cooperating schedules.
  18. Not putting in an effort when you see each other.  
  19. Giving the silent treatment. 
  20. Using low blows to insult or belittle the other person. 
  21. Not experiencing anything new together or even attempting to share new experiences. 
  22. Criticizing your partner over their insecurities such as weight or their budding career. 
  23. Forgetting to use proper manners when they speak to you. 
  24. Ignoring their partner in front of other people. 
  25. Letting the other person do all the chores. 
  26. Comparing them to exes.
  27. Keeping score over things that aren’t important, like the tasks they’ve done for you. 
  28. Refusing to apologize when they’re in the wrong.
  29. Sharing private information about the relationship to others you aren’t comfortable with.
  30. Accusing your partner of infidelity without proof. 
  31. Running away to avoid problems. 
  32. Having an inappropriate relationship with someone you’re jealous of and they know it.
  33. Being too sneaky with their phone and on social media. 
  34. Getting overly jealous for no apparent reason. 
  35. Claiming they will change when they’ve never made an effort to and probably never will.

It really is difficult to notice how easily these behaviors can seep through into your daily routine. Your relationship should be based on balance, respect, and love — not selfishness, rudeness, and insecurities. If you can relate to at least ten of these habits, reconsider the relationship you’re in. It may not be as great as you think it is.

Photo by Nico Marks on Unsplash


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