Always Pinning, Never Pinned: 4 Dream Wedding Boards You Can Go Steady With

Every girl has that little princess inside them dreaming of that day when she can put on the gown she’s literally had dreams about and marry her prince charming, thus getting the happily ever after she’s always wanted…

Ok, so maybe you haven’t exactly found the prince yet. But before you go declare crazy cat lady status, I have some good news for you. According to Elite Daily, 64% of our generation is single. Which means you’re most likely not going to be forever alone because your future spouse is most likely currently single also!

This is when you sigh some relief and then go on with your life or if you’re like me you look at this as an opportunity to plan the perfect Pinterest wedding. If this is your case I have a couple boards you needed to follow in order to hit all Pinterest wedding possibilities.

1. An adorably quirky board like this one. Full of color, flowers, and strips. And every once in a while a little southern charm sprinkled in.

Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 7.33.22 PM

2. The one that’s all about the happily ever after. Full of first dance song ideas, trending dresses, even some awesome save the date card ideas. Basically everything you need to dream the night away while sitting on the couch with your ice cream and cat (bonus points for any Nicholas Sparks movie playing in the background).

Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 7.14.44 PM

3. Classy, sassy, and sophisticated. This wedding board will have you dreaming of white and the perfect Tiffany’s ring. Anyone still in love with Blair Waldorf? Because I’m pretty sure she would have been just as addicted to this board as I am.

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 12.41.16 PM

4. This account comes with a warning. If you don’t have a good two hours to spend looking at beautiful wedding ideas don’t even click the link. Because this account has everything. In its own board. It has a total of 83 boards. EIGHTY-THREE! All about weddings. I think I died and went to Pinterest heaven.


So until the day comes when you are actually ready to walk down the aisle in white, keep pinning, and keep having fun living the single life. Dream until you see the moon and party until you see the sun. You’ll end up bumping into “the one” when you’re ready (i.e. your board is).

Featured Image by Tumblr


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