What Your Coffee Order Says About The Type Of Relationship You Want

Whether it’s a simple espresso or an extra hot double shot mocha with soy, your daily cuppa joe says more about you than you think. Scroll through the gallery to pick your favorite and find out how that could say something about the way you approach your relationship.


You want someone who’s bold and straightforward. You prioritize getting things done and not wasting time, so you’d like your partner to be equally as focused. But most of all, you value mutual excitement, and waking up to someone who will give you a much-needed kick-start to your day. And you’ll be just as pleased to be their morning kick as well.


You don’t require too much color in your relationships. No flashy gifts, grand gestures of affection, or extravagant dates needed here. Instead, what you value is simplicity, security, and affirmation. The world brings you unexpected challenges every single day, but you want to come home to a love that remains consistent.


You want your coffee to feel like a big, warm, gentle hug. You are laid-back and enjoy being comfortable. You want a relationship where there are no barriers or walls in between. In fact, you’re so done with feeling anxious, nervous, or giggly over your partner. What’s more important is that you feel safe, at ease, and like you can walk around bare-faced in sweatpants and they’ll still love you just the same.  


You value maturity and thoughtfulness. You believe that the most important thing when it comes to relationships is communication, so you want someone who is able to express themselves with eloquence and also pay attention to the little details without you having to ask. Perhaps this is why you’d prefer dating someone older, so they can bring a certain level of sophistication to the table.

Iced Coffee

You want your relationships to do the same thing your coffee does – wake you the hell up. You want someone who’s as decisive as you are and can do more than keep up with you. You’re drawn to excitement, adventure, and someone who can bring a certain level of energy to the relationship.

Skinny Latte

You don’t want to just feel comfortable, you want to feel taken care of. You value being cherished, adored, and, if you’ll care to admit it, being spoiled rotten. You often prefer your partner to wear the pants in your relationship since you’re so busy wearing them everywhere else.


You value spontaneity and indulgence. You’re not too wary of the consequences, not if it hinders you from having fun. You want someone who can be appreciative of your fun-loving nature yet still rely on you for serious advice. Someone who sees through your sometimes brash behavior to get to know you as the sweetheart you truly are on the inside.

Flavored Coffee

Yes, this means all you vanilla, mocha, hazelnut, caramel or “pumpkin spiced chai latte” drinkers. Although you often attend to your love life with sincerity and devotion, you also know how to flirt senselessly and have fun. You have a streak of playfulness, but you try not to let it be your main drawing point when it comes to relationships. You value someone who is first and foremost respectful and understanding, followed by affectionate and light-spirited, and has the instinct to know when you need them to be which.

Green Tea

You want the buzz without the jitters. You don’t relish in drama, but you don’t want uneventful either. You value a strong character, someone with opinions and intriguing views on life that make you think. You want someone who challenges you enough to excite you, but only within the lines of where you’re comfortable.

Hot Chocolate

Single please. Because who needs a relationship when you can date yourself?So, if you’re anything like me and need your daily dose of caffeine to function, your morning order could also say a lot about your relationship priorities. Order wisely!

Featured image via Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash


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