It’s Easy To Find Someone To F*ck, It’s Hard To Find Someone To Love

We live in a hook-up culture where sex is so readily available that no one is really looking for love. It’s hard to find romance, but it’s easy to find a person to spend a night with. It’s easy to find someone to fuck, but it’s hard to find someone to love.

I have had moments in my life when I didn’t want any type of committed relationship. I was OK with friends with benefits, no-strings-attached ordeal. It was fun, and I had no problem getting what I wanted. But now that I want something meaningful, I have realized how hard is to find someone who wants something more than sex.  

I love sex. Who doesn’t? But eventually, you get bored of just having sex without any love. It’s not fun anymore. There is no emotion,  no deeper connection.

Sex is no longer about of passion or love. It just is what it is – penetrate or be penetrated.

I have come across some men who were up for sex, but as soon as I said that I wanted to get to know them first,  they would give me a confused look. But what is wrong with wanting to get to know someone before you get in bed with them? I’ve realized that people can be so quick to take their clothes off but slow to open their hearts. They don’t mind someone seeing their naked body but don’t want anyone to see through to their naked soul.

It’s easy to find someone to f*ck because most people are more open to having casual sex than to actually dating someone. They just want a quick moment of satisfaction rather than getting to know a potential partner. Now, it’s more proper to ask someone to spend the night with you than it is to ask someone to spend the day with you.

It’s easy to find someone to f*ck because there are many apps on which you can just swipe left and right and hand-pick people to hook up with. There are even some websites that are specifically designed to help you find people who just want sex. You can spend just one night with them, then move onto the next person.

It’s hard to find someone to love because people these days are more obsessed with finding temporary, meaningless relationships instead of finding a long-lasting bond. Love takes time. It happens so slowly that some people are not willing to take the time to build a strong relationship.

It’s hard to find someone to love because love requires us to be vulnerable. The word “love” terrifies some people. Many are so closed off to the idea of simply loving someone. They have been so hurt and broken in the past that they won’t allow themselves to be vulnerable.

Love, though, requires raw openness.

It’s hard to find someone to love because people are not willing to work for commitment. They leave at the first sign of trouble and jump at the next thing that walks by. Love requires work. Love requires time and effort, attention, and dedication. And some people aren’t willing to put in the effort and would rather not bother with it at all.

It’s hard to find someone to love when you want something real. You’re single not because you can’t get someone, but because you want someone worthwhile. You’d rather wait because you don’t want just anyone. You don’t only want to have someone’s warm body- you also want their heart. You want someone genuine and you want someone your soul can call home.

It’s hard to find someone that who is willing to put in the effort. Someone that wants the same thing you want. Someone you can compromise with, and someone who makes you want to be a better person. You seek someone who you can be yourself with. Someone that you can give all of your love to, who can love you with the same intensity and passion. Someone that can help you grow more, dream more, and believe more.

It’s hard to find someone to love, but that someone is out there. Love can find you everywhere and love can come at the most unexpected times.

Love will make its way to you soon.
Photo by Niki Sanders on Unsplash


  1. I’d settle for some sex. Easy to find and secure when a women. As a man, I average maybe 1 date every 5 years. Needless to say, I haven’t had sex in 10+ years.


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