9 Songs You Need To Add To Your Summer Hookup Playlist

Summertime isn’t just the perfect time for bikinis and beach days; it’s also a great time to have passionate sex with our partners. And of course, when you’re getting sexy with someone you love, there’s nothing better than listening to an amazing playlist! 

Here are nine songs that belong on your summer sex playlist: 

1. “Burning it Down” by Jason Aldean

If you and your partner want to spice up your sex life with some country music, this is the perfect song to spark up passion and intimacy. Who doesn’t want their sex life to burn hot in the summer?

2. “Will You Still Love Me?” by Chicago

Every sex playlist needs a song for the hopeless romantics, and if you and your partner are into 80s music, “Will You Still Love Me?” is a great choice. It’ll definitely help you take sex to the next level!  

3. “Love Me Like You Do” by Ellie Goulding 

If you want instant intimacy, then “Love Me Like You Do”   is the perfect song to listen to during sex. It’s super sensual and will pump you and your partner up! 

4. “Sangria” by Blake Shelton

If you and your partner are into boozy sex, then this is the perfect song to add to your playlist. Sangria is the perfect summer drink, and Blake Shelton’s “Sangria” is the best summer song!

5. “Lay Lady Lay” by Bob Dylan

You can’t make a sex playlist without a few golden oldies to get you in the mood. “Lay Lady Lay” definitely screams “I want to get laid,” and what’s better when you’re about to get down?   

6. “Give It To Me Baby” by Trav Torch

“Give It To Me Baby” is perfect for those summer nights when you want to strip it all down and tell your partner exactly what you want. As soon as this song starts playing, your partner will give you everything you dream of! 

7. “Love To Love You Baby” by Donna Summer 

If you and your partner are into disco, then “Love To Love You Baby” is the perfect song to make love to. Even if you grew up on Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, you’ll want to turn up the heat in the bedroom with these groovy, old-school vibes! 

8. “Dirty Diana” by Michael Jackson 

“Dirty Diana” is the perfect song to get you horny, especially if you have a secret lover. Turn up the volume, be a little naughty, and get dirty with your partner for a sexy night you’ll never forget!  

9. “Bedrock” by Young Money featuring Nicki Minaj

If you’re a rap fan, then “Bedrock” absolutely needs to make your sex playlist this summer. You and your partner will rock it all night long – just make sure that you don’t break the bed after a night of frisky fun!    

No matter what type of music you’re into or what type of sex gets you going, you’ll definitely spice up your sex life this summer with these nine songs. Get down and dirty, be safe, and have fun!

Which songs will you add to your summer sex playlist? Share in the comments!

Photo by Ryan Young on Unsplash


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