4 Signs You’re Dating An Insecure Guy & How To Deal With It

dating insecure guy deal with it

Dating can be difficult for this generation. This is especially true since many single people have scars from past relationships which makes them insecure. Such problems can be magnified when the partner also struggles with insecurities. However, sometimes it’s extremely difficult how to decipher whether someone doesn’t feel secure.

So, what are the signs for dating an insecure guy? Here are some ways to know and how to deal with it. 

1. They always question if they’re good enough for you.

This is a major sign of insecurity in your man. It often stems from having low confidence no matter how often you remind them about how much they mean to you. Try to be patient with them if they do this.

2. They constantly fear that the past will repeat itself.

We all know the feeling of not being able to escape the past. Hence, this could be one of the major signs of your man’s true insecurities. It’s mainly because they still have a lot of things to work through when it comes to their self-confidence. They’re still learning that the past experiences are lessons, not mistakes. Be patient with them while they work through their problems.

3. They’re jealous about your same-sex friends.

Jealousy is the most common sign of insecurity in men. Sometimes it can be hard to deal with it, and it can be a dealbreaker for some people. However, you should remember that it’s caused by something deeper than mere jealousy.

4. They have low expectations for themselves.

This can be true both for their personal as well as professional goals. Deep inside, your man knows he can achieve them, but he simply doesn’t believe in himself enough.Your partner can be doing well for himself and still put himself down. The cause of this is often poor upbringing when they weren’t properly taught that everybody can achieve great things. So try telling your partner that he should be proud of his accomplishments and celebrate them!

 So, what are some ways you could deal with your beau’s insecurities? 

Being supportive.

Being supportive of your partner is very important, especially if they already have insecurities. The best way you can do so is by being a good listener and being compassionate. Try helping them with their obstacles and the challenges they’re facing with self-love. You need to remember that it’s not an easy process but support is something that goes a long way.

Trying new things and going new places.

Trying new things could help with your partner’s insecurities because you’re taking them out of their comfort zone. New experiences could lead to great memories you two will make together which will make the challenges that come with insecurity a little less nerve-wracking.

Positive reinforcement every day.

Positive reinforcement goes a long way for anybody, but when you have an insecure boyfriend, you want to make sure that you always compliment him. Positive comments every day will help them with feeling secure.

Overall, dating an insecure man can be a difficult task to navigate. But if you try to work through it, I can guarantee you the insecurities will slowly fade away. 

Do you have any other ways of fighting your partner’s insecurities? Let us know in the comments down below!

Featured image from @apryl_shan via Unsplash.



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