6 Things That Happen When You’re The Last Single Friend

Your Facebook feed these days looks more like the pages of a bridal magazine. Between the wedding announcements, the romantic engagement pictures and the cutesy hashtags, you can’t escape it. You’re the only friend who isn’t coupled up and as the peak of wedding season gets closer, it’s impossible to ignore your single status.

Here are a few things you’re sure to experience when everyone’s got a ring on it except you:

1. You go out a lot less.

Suddenly, no one responds to your texts about girls night downtown Friday night. Or if they do respond, it’s to tell you they’re having movie night in with bae. Again. And we all know it isn’t near as fun heading to the bars without your best wing women.

2. You watch your bank account dwindle.

Weddings are expensive and if you’re a bridesmaid, you might as well forget that trip to Sephora you were going to spend your tax return on. Between the bridal shower, bachelorette party and endless gifts, you’re going to need to tighten your budget.

3. You resort to Tinder in weak moments.

And regret it as soon as you walk into the bar and realize his 6’3″ is more like 5’8″. Not to mention you just feel uncomfortable and desperate because the only reason you agreed to the date in the first place is because it was a guaranteed free dinner (see above point about bank account) and you thought you might be the .001% that ends up marrying someone off Tinder.

4. You become an expert on dress styles and color palettes.

Thanks to endless wedding dress and bridesmaid appointments, you now know the difference between charmeuse and chiffon, that taffeta is never a good idea and that colors like “once upon a time” and “love’s first blush” exist. You could basically be a consultant on Say Yes to the Dress at this point.

5. You cry to your mom way more than usual.

You want to know why you’re alone, why no guy likes you, why you were cursed with stumpy legs, and what will happen if you never meet the one. And no one can answer those questions (or even understand them through your sniffles) like your mom can. She always knows the right thing to say. 

6. Everyone suddenly knows someone you “just have to meet”.

Your co-worker’s old college roommate, your mom’s hairdresser’s nephew, your aunt’s best friend’s son’s sister-in-law. The list goes on and on. Everyone wants to set you up on a blind date because apparently being single makes you an automatic match with every other single person!

While it can be hard being the last friend to get wifed up, it’s still one of the most exciting times of your adult life. Because when it comes down to it, you love seeing your BFFs so happy and wouldn’t want it any other way (except with a ring on your own finger too of course!).

Featured image via cottonbro on Pexels


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