28 Killer Subscription Boxes You Didn’t Know You Needed

I like to stay busy. I feel like I’m almost always running to another appointment, another interview, another opportunity. Because of my busy schedule, a lot of other areas of my life have started to slack. My nutrition, my style, my hygiene (yuck)… and I was starting to get really sick of it. There’s no way for me to ease up on my schedule, because I feel like I can’t let anything go. So, I knew that I had to get creative, trying different venues and ways to accomplish everything, and find little ways to better my life.

Enter subscription boxes. For some ridiculous reason, they’ve gotten kind of a bad rap; people feel like you have to be “lazy” or fit into one specific category of person in order to subscribe. But throughout this experiment, I realized that there’s nothing farther from the truth.

Here are 28 killer subscription boxes that will make your life easier!

Hello Fresh:


Delivers 3-6 recipes with all the ingredients to your door once a week, with family, couple, and vegetarian options. Starting at $34/box.



Delivers 8 healthy snacks to your door weekly. Starting at $11.99/weekly

Love with Food:


Offers both deluxe and gluten-free box options, sending monthly boxes of goodies to your door. Starting at $7.99/monthly

Mistobox, Coffee Crate, Munity Coffee and Nomad Coffee Club:


Each company delivers a bag of coffee beans from a new exotic location every month. Each company offers unique differences, so check out their websites to find out which one is right for you. Mistobox starting at $15.99/monthly, Coffee Crate starting at $23.00/monthly, Munity Coffee starting at $14.99/monthly, and Nomad Coffee Club starting at $21.00/monthly. 

Angel’s Cup:


They’ll send either ground or whole beans, and they offer a “blind taste test” to go with your coffee, so you get to guess where it’s from when you drink it. Starting at $8.99/monthly. 



This company offers unique themes, catered to different kinds and style of men, delivering classy af items monthly. Starting at $55/monthly. 

Urban Dapper Club:


They send you a new high-quality, fashionable tie every month. Starting at $9.00/monthly

Sprezza Box and the Gentleman’s Box:


These companies each send an array of classy items, such as socks, ties, pocket squares, lapel pins, etc., every month. Sprezza starting at $25/monthly, and Gentleman’s Box starting at $25/monthly. 

Sock Flow and Good Luck Sock:


For the sock obsessed, these companies will send you different high-quality socks every month in fun patterns. Both Sock Flow and Good Luck Sock start at $10.00/monthly. 

Cate and Chloe:


A subscription box that will send you two-three pieces of jewelry every month, based on your personal style. Starting at $19.99/monthly

Scent Trunk:


They send you samples of perfume (or cologne) based on your personal taste to try every month, along with the information necessary to order the ones that you really like. (Get $7 off your first month with code: UNWRITTEN)

Adore Me:


If you haven’t heard of Adore Me, you’re missing out. They send you lingerie catered to your personal style each month. *swoon* Starting at $24.95/monthly. 

The Fantasy Box:


This sex-themed box is incredibly classy, something for even the most vanilla of us, sending out high quality novelties every month. Starting at $36/monthly

The Pleasure Pantry and Spicy Subscriptions:


Like the Fantasy Box, these boxes will send you sex novelties each month, but their items are a little more hit and miss on the quality of the products. Pleasure Pantry starting at $29.00/monthly, Spicy Subscriptions starting at $10/monthly. 

Owl Crate:


This box comes to you monthly with a new YA novel and cute handmade booksy items. Starting at $29.99/monthly

Cairn Box:


This box is chock full of backpacking and outdoorsy items every month that you won’t want to miss. Starting at $22.50/monthly. 

Better Box:

FullSizeRender (1)

This box is for the sweet people in your life, sending things to brighten your days with things like cookies, notepads, and encouraging notes. Starting at $34/monthly

Jacked Pack:


For the fitness enthusiasts, try this box. You’ll get samples of high-end fitness supplements every month. Starting at $11.25/monthly.

Vella Box:


For those who are always burning a candle (like myself), you have to try Vella box. They’ll send you multiple high quality candles to your doorstep every month. Starting at $10/monthly. 

Bulu Box:


For the health nuts out there, try Bulu Box. They send out healthy items and supplements to increase your quality of life. Starting at $10/monthly. (50% off a 3 month subscription with code NIMMICH, or 50% off any subscription with code WONDERFUL) 

Beauty Box 5:


Everyone’s heard of ipsy, but Beauty Box 5 sends out the products that the makeup boxes are always lacking; products for your skin, hair, and nails. Starting at $12/monthly. 

Surprise My Pet:


This box is perfect for anyone with a cat or dog. They send you a big box stuffed with goodies catered to your dog (and their size), and I promise that somehow your pet will love you even more than they already do when you give them this box. Starting at $19/month (get 10% off with the code UNWRITTEN).

The thing that I really love about subscription boxes is you can get things that are necessary items you need every month, or you can get a little treat for yourself, or someone you love. And I love the effortlessness of the whole idea. You don’t have to think about it at all, and you get to come home from work to a little gift on your doorstep. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love happy mail?

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