From Strangers To Sisters: What Being In A Sorority Actually Means

The first thing I get from people when I tell them I am in sorority is “oh…” and from there you can just see the judgement grow in their eyes. Then they ask, “Why did you join a sorority anyway? What’s the point? You know you’re just paying to have friends, right?.”

The thought of leaving high school was exciting and I couldn’t wait to be independent and start a new chapter in my life. Yet, the thought of leaving my friends was terrifying. We were all so close. We did everything together,from cheering the guys on at football games, to grabbing shawarma at midnight just because we could. Even when I desperately needed a Chinese food and Cinderella Story movie night, my best friends were always there by my side, even when things got tough. Suffice to say, leaving high school scared me.

That’s why I joined Tau Sigma Phi, to have a family away from home, and I do. I have 71 sisters in my Chapter that I call my family. Sister’s that I know that I can always count on when I need someone to lean on. Yes, families fight and so we do. We bicker and argue over little issues, but it’s just because we have a big group of amazing, independent, and strong individuals who just want what’s best for each sister.

Another reason I decided to rush a sorority was for the Philanthropic efforts critical to Greek life. We raise money for Breast Cancer research, a pillar of my sorority. As each sister has had a close connection with this disease, we support one another and support our community. We take pride in the fact that we are able to make a difference, even if it is making someone smile when they have a difficult day. Philanthropy is an incredibly important part of Tau Sigma Phi. It makes me realize how important it is to embrace those we call family and those we have lost.

Being on your own is hard, and having your close friends and family not with you makes it even harder. But regardless of where I am, I know that I always have family with me and Tau Sigma Phi made me realize this. Wherever I am, the chances are a sister is always with me, in person or a phone call away, just like my family is.

We may be different with our own values and opinions but each sister shares something so incredibly specialsisterhood. We are an organization who loves and supports each sister no matter what, a sisterhood that will last a lifetime. Society brands us to be something we aren’t, a stigma of who we are. Regardless of it all, I am honored to say I am a sister of this strong organization. I am proud to call each sister in my sorority a true sister and I am forever thankful for my family away from home, because we really are, True Sisters Forever.

Featured Image via Beth Ekron.


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