20 Things You Learn About Best Friends In College

If the “sophomore slump” is a real thing, it hasn’t happened to me yet.

I’m in this really good place in my life.  I’m not failing stats. I just got a care package from my mom brimming with salt and vinegar chips and green tea. I still have two seasons to watch of my new favorite show on Netflix. I joined a sorority, and, most importantly, I’m really frickin’ happy.

If this year has taught me anything, it’s that surrounding yourself with good people makes a world of difference. I’m ~blessed~ to have met some of the sweetest, most intelligent, most inspiring people since coming to college. Some of them I even get to call my best friends. Here are a few things I’ve learned about “best friends” over the past year or two:

1. Some best friends you’ll know for your entire life. Others will be given the title after a few short months. How long you’ve known someone doesn’t mean sh*t.

doggif2. Don’t use the term loosely.  

3. Real ones won’t tell you how you should live your life.  


4. Real ones will quote your favorite lines from TV shows to you, even going so far as to get the voice inflection right. (Ross Geller’s “I’m fine” scene, anyone?)

5. And will know just what screenshots to send you to make you actually laugh out loud at your phone.

phonegif6. You’ll miss the weirdest things about them when they’re away.

derekgif7. Like the way they unfailingly belt out the only two words they know from a Big Sean song, for instance.

8. Best friends will make you into the best version of yourself.


9. And allow you to be 100% yourself.

10. Even if that entails dealing with your obnoxious laugh and addiction to gummy candy.

11. They’ll care: about your stats exam, about your Thursday night plans, about your unstable mental health during midterms.

caregif12. If they don’t appreciate your “groutfit” — an all-gray outfit — they’re not true best friends.

13. You won’t get tired of their company.

officegif14. Or the lack of personal space that becomes a staple in your friendship.

15. Your successes are their successes.

highestoffives16. You know that if you need them, they’ll always be there.

17. Even if that means sitting outside on a bench with you while you cry at 2 AM on a Saturday night.

18. Brunch is important. Best friends who brunch together, stay together.

breakfastgif19. You’ll talk about what color each other’s bridesmaids dresses will be when you’re obviously going to be in each other’s weddings one day.

20. And you couldn’t imagine your life without having met them.

Let your best friends know how much they mean to you. Tell them how much you appreciate the coffee runs, the “Netflix and Chill” sessions, and the ugly snapchats they’ve screenshotted of you (okay, maybe that one not so much). Here’s to best friends, new and old. You all bring me so much happiness.

Featured image via We Heart It


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