This Video Reveals Exactly What You Need To Be Truly Happy

We all benefit from nurturing more positive emotions; it’s simply a part of being human. I decided that considering gratitude is not only the parent of all virtues, but exceptionally important to me in my own life, that it would be interesting to film individuals, asking them a series of questions regarding gratitude and see where it takes them. Each question asked is one that prompts these kinds of uplifting emotions and it is beyond beautiful to see what people experience as well as how connected they feel to something as important as being grateful.

When you carry the energy of gratitude, you automatically carry happiness. Happiness is not equivalent to gratitude, yet gratitude does equal happiness. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Doesn’t that feel amazing? We’ve all heard things like, “The universe has your back”  and “You’re always taken care of”… But how can we expect to have abundance in any form, or receive more positive experiences, if we are not grateful for the ones we are currently given?  When you look back on something you are grateful for, or reminisce on individuals showing you gratitude, the emotions that run through your body are nothing short of exceptional.

When you focus on what you perceive your life to be lacking, you are practicing the opposite of gratitude. I challenge you to be grateful. I challenge you to look within yourself and truly appreciate all that you have, even when and especially when you feel it is not enough. Not only will you be able to see more of the good in others, you’ll start to notice the great in yourself. I challenge you to fall in love with your life. 

Featured image via Brandy Melville


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