The 10 Top Travel Destinations For 2020 Were Just Released

With 2020 around the corner, we’ve been so focused on the holidays that we’re all guilty of forgetting that it’s the end of another decade. In preparation for the holidays and the New Year, it’s also time to start planning our itinerary for the next year. Luckily for us, a popular travel destination just announced a new list of top travel destinations to help you book your trips easier. 

Contiki just announced the top travel destinations for young people (a.k.a. Millennials) and the list does not disappoint. To create their list, the popular travel company conducted a poll via their 320,000 Instagram followers. 

The top 10 travel destinations according to Contiki include:

  1. Greece: I traveled here in 2019 and would 10/10 recommend going!

2. Italy

3. New ZealandIt’s also the most repeatable travel destination of 2019!

4. Spain

5. CroatiaAnd you can thank The Bachelorette for increasing its popularity!

6. England

7. Japan

8. (Pacific West) USA

9. NamibiaLocated in last year’s top travel destination, South Africa.

10. Iceland

Other desired travel destination that rounded out the top 20 include: Costa Rica, Philippines, the Baltics (Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania), South Korea, Colombia, Patagonia, Ireland, Germany, Thailand, and Peru. 

By the looks of it, almost all of the top ten include areas full of history and adventure with a side of beautiful scenery. Countries like Greece, Italy, or Spain all have outstanding historical sights for tourists to explore (including ancient ruins and museums full of delightful artwork). On the other hand, countries such as New Zealand and Croatia have beautiful beaches with some hidden gems located in their villages and cities for you to discover. 

A lot of countries on this list are no brainers and very common mentions for best travel spots.

England is an obvious one due to the history and location within the UK so you can see other countries too. But many would be surprised to see a colder destination like Iceland on the list. However, Iceland has been crawling up the popularity charts in recent years for its wintery beauty and unique activities they offer. So it makes for a one of a kind trip with the Northern Lights in the background. 

Obviously, traveling to these destinations isn’t as simple as it seems and does require some planning. Trying to choose a vacation spot can be tough especially when time is of the essence. That’s why Contiki gives us some inspiration to at least establish a location and then we have plenty of time to research what activities to do. 

So grab your backpack, pack light, and don’t forget your camera. Because these destinations are bound to make a beautiful vacation spot full of laughter and memories… And most importantly great food!

Photo by Banter Snaps on Unsplash


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