10 Questionable Things You’ve Done In College That You’ll Never Regret

College is all about experimenting, making mistakes, and regretting choices…but this does not mean that there isn’t a positive side to some of these mistakes. There are a few things that I plainly cannot justify, and regret doing. There are other things that I’ve done and would rather view them as life lessons, or a good story to tell. While some of the stuff I’ve done is questionable, I don’t really regret doing it.

Here are ten questionable things that I’ve done in university that I don’t regret in the least…and if you haven’t done any of them yet, well, you’re probably about to:

1. Eating unhealthy after a night out
I’m usually good with eating healthy and exercising all week, until I go out on Saturday and all my night consists of is alcohol. I’m the girl that’s known for suggesting Shawarma fries or Wendy’s at 2 AM after the squad leaves the bars. My justification is that I exercised for about 3 hours by dancing, plus we’re walking from the bar to the restaurant, and I need food to make sure that my hangover isn’t too bad.

2. Splurging at the bars
Like every college student knows, going out is sometimes expensive (hello Dollar Beers night!). I usually make a budget, and only bring what I need – money for cover, cab, a drink or two, and alcohol for the pre-party. With that being said, sometimes intoxication can get the best of me, and I will splurge on a $150 bottle (in my drunken state of mind, I did this for a friend’s birthday by taking the money from my savings). Looking at your bank account after a night of splurging can suck, but I bet you had a ton of fun, so no regrets.

3. Staying up all night
My need to procrastinate has resulted in many all nighters during my undergraduate career. I will procrastinate until 2 AM before realizing that I should probably start that paper that’s due at 9 AM. I have also stayed up all night with my friends, and binge watched movies before taking a shower and heading off to my 9 AM lecture. I usually am proud for either a) having time to edit, and handing the paper in on time or b) for lasting the day after staying up all night with friends.

4. Going on a date with a random/Tinder match
First, talking to that tinder match or giving my number to a random is usually something I end up regretting, but sometimes they surprise you. Actually meeting up with said tinder match, or the random from the bar (sober) is a whole other story, but you usually get a good story out of it, and maybe even a friend.

5. Blowing my savings on a road trip/weekend away with friends
Sometimes, my friends and I will be at the gym or studying when we decide to do something adventurous. For example, we were at the gym when a friend called and said she wanted Olive Garden. That was all we needed to hear…we drove an hour & a half to get Olive Garden for dinner. Going on unexpected adventures is always fun, and sometimes – the nagging feeling of not having money for it, or feeling like I should have stayed home to study comes up. When it does, shut it down! So what if you’re eating ramen, and staying up all night to catch up on work for a week straight? All that matters is that you had fun before getting back into reality.

6. Missing a lecture
On average, students are in class for approximately 15 hours a week. Not to mention the additional hours required spent on understanding readings, and doing the course work. It is understandable that students will get burnt out. Class schedules also don’t always work out in your favor. Now, I’m not advocating that missing lectures on a weekly basis is okay, but missing one lecture once in a while to sleep or do something fun is definitely acceptable. I definitely don’t regret missing a lecture on Marxism to go have day drinks on the patio with my friends.

7. Choosing a night out with friends over studying for an exam
The truth is, the chance of me studying on a Saturday night for an exam is pretty slim. However, there is probably a high chance of me regretting that I was at home procrastinating while my friends were out together having a fun time. Should I be at home studying for the exam I have on the Monday? Probably. Do I regret having a fun night out with friends? Definitely not.

8. Drinking in class/going to class hungover
I can’t help it if my lecture has attendance marks, I have to attend…but I also have to start drinking earlier. I already put in the effort to get ready before class; the last part of the equation is getting on the same level as your friends once you arrive at the pre-party. I can’t help it that St. Patrick’s is on a weekday. It’s also not my choice to have a 9 AM class after dollar beers night. Where’s the harm?

9. Volunteering for food/money
Most students are aware of how hard it is to manage finances, and balancing both school and work. Sometimes, we’re tight for money. Taking advantage of participating in research for money, and volunteering on campus for food can be seen as wrong, but you’re helping out so the motive isn’t necessarily the important part, right?

10. Doing what makes me happy
I’ve done many regrettable things during my time in university but one that I don’t is taking control of my life, and doing what makes me happy. I’m sure my friends and family questioned my need to study in social sciences instead of business, traveling with friends instead of saving money, or being busy with friends during the day and staying up all night to study on a constant basis. I definitely don’t regret any of my decisions as it has positively impacted my university career, and has made me a better version of myself.

Doing regrettable things is a part of life. It is these experiences that will also provide you with great memories during your time. Not to sound cliché but you only have about 4 years before you have to study harder for a Master’s program or go out in the real world, and get a job. Now is the time to do questionable things and not regret it. I mean, study hard, play hard right?

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  1. I’ve done so many of these. The eating and drinking unhealthy is always rewarding after a long week of working hard and exercising. Yeah it’s not awesome for your body but it’s fun and I love it.


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