I Drank Matcha For 30 Days Straight And Here’s What Happened

It feels like we have all been swept up into a matcha-blur. Before we all knew what was happening, it was all we saw in our news feeds, and every article was titled ‘7 new ways to use matcha.’ Suddenly, all we’re seeing is green.

Like everyone else, I was seeing matcha everywhere I turned. But after months of this, I still had no idea what matcha even really was. I took it upon myself to find matcha, find out what the hell it is (and why everyone seems to think it’s a miracle sent from heaven). So I decided to take it every day for an entire month, to see really how special it actually was.

As it turns out, matcha is green tea. Except, instead of just boiling the leaves in water, removing it, and having just the remnants left (basically flavored water); it’s the ENTIRE leaf. So you get ALL the benefits and antioxidants in one powerful punch, which is much more beneficial than just a cup of green tea.

I like green tea, so I felt like this was a challenge I could handle. Next, I had to actually acquire matcha and put it to the test. There were two different brands of matcha that I tried and absolutely loved.

The first is Jade Monk. They come in little tea packets, so you don’t have to section out how much to take everyday. I just throw one in my bag every morning, and it quickly replaced my morning cup of coffee (that’s a pretty big deal). Another huge plus to this was that they come naturally flavored as well. In addition to “simply matcha” they have other natural flavors, so that way you don’t have to worry about choking down unflavored tea, because the aromatic flavors such as cranberry blood orange, are already added for you. My personal favorite flavor was the Papua Peach.

The second brand of matcha I tried was from Matcha Maiden. It comes in a big bag of tea, ready to be put into hot water and consumed. My favorite thing to do with this was to put a scoop into a smoothie every morning for breakfast. Good morning clearer skin, less bloating, and more fulfilled appetite. 

There were a ton of benefits that I noticed as I did this entire month of matcha. First, I felt GOOD about what I was putting into my body. There’s no crap in matcha. I felt less guilty about drinking that cup of matcha every morning than I do about my usual 1 (or 5, let’s be honest) cups of coffee every day. Plus, there IS caffeine in matcha and so I still got that boost that I needed every morning. But I enjoyed having a different taste than my regular coffee.

Another amazing benefit that I wasn’t expecting, was my skin cleared up. I have pretty great skin to begin with, thank you genetics. But there are a few areas of my face that are definitely prone to breaking out, and after a few weeks of drinking matcha those areas were much less likely to break out. I’m absolutely loving it. In addition, my waist has slimmed down. I’m already pretty skinny, but it helped flatten out that always persistent tummy pudge; you know the one.

This is seriously good for your tummy stuff. And good for the rest of you, for that matter. I’ve only ever heard good things about matcha, and I’m here to tell you that you can now jump on this craze, because it’s SO worth it. What’s your favorite way to use matcha?

Featured image via Sazan Hendrix.


  1. My favorite way is 2 cups of almond milk, 2 teaspoon of vanilla extract, 2 teaspoon of Japanese matcha, 1 tablespoon of agave. Blend it in a blender until it is foamy. Then fill a yeti with ice and pour…yummmmm


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