What Women Don’t Realize That Men Crave In A Relationship

men crave relationships

So, what is it that men actually crave in a relationship?

And it is not just sex, men are not only sexual creatures. 

Would it be a surprise if I told you that what all men ultimately crave in a relationship is appreciation? 

Men want praise just as women do. However, many women don’t realize this. They don’t realize how much men crave to be appreciated for everything they do. And how much it means to them.  

Appreciation is what fuels a man’s passion, just like any person. So if you want the man in your life to do more things with you, try giving him a little more appreciation and see what happens. 

When you make a man feel appreciated, he wants to give you the world. The more frequently a man receives appreciation, the more he will want to do for you. When you see what he does and appreciate him for it, he feels like the king of the castle. And this makes him want to treat you like a queen, pull you close, and give you everything. In return, he will also give you more appreciation for the things you do for him. 

When women express their appreciation for the men in their lives, they are literally giving them fuel. The fuel that inspires them to be the kind of a man they want them to be. And ultimately, they also feel better about themselves. 

Men want to be appreciated for who they are and what they are good at. Moreover, they also want to be appreciated if they do something nice for you. However, appreciation must be genuine, and it goes a long way when used effectively.

Start by telling your man how you feel about him. Tell him what you like about him. Then, tell him that you appreciate the big things as well as the little ones that he does for you. Tell him how good he looks in that new shirt. Tell him that you admire his hard work. Make sure to let him know how handsome he is in your eyes.

You can show him your appreciation with words but also with actions. Make him lunch one day, cook him a special dinner or take him to do something he enjoys doing. Caress the back of his neck when you pass his chair. Give him a massage. One day, wear something you know he likes. Or just be kind and warm in a way that makes him feel good and happy. Anything that you do to show him appreciation will make him feel fulfilled. Ask your man what makes him feel appreciated and follow his guidance

Relationships are a two-way street. Think about how much it means to you when your significant other shows you love? Do the same for the man in your life. Show that you appreciate him consistently and he will continue to give you the world.

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