Your Average Family Thanksgiving, As Told By Animal GIFs

It’s getting toward the end of November, and y’all know what that means: Thanksgiving. It’s easily the best food holiday of the year and the weather is perfect for enjoying family festivities both inside and out. Between the turkey, football and the precious moments spent with your family, it’s hard not to smile. But if there’s one thing that could make Thanksgiving even better, it’s gifs of cute animals describing your Turkey Day:

You start off your holiday rather reluctantly, hitting snooze on the five alarms you set before finally forcing yourself to wake up and smell the turkey.

Dragging yourself out of bed, your stomach starts to rumble, but this is a serious dilemma…you plan on stuffing your face full of a delicious Thanksgiving meal in only a few hours and don’t want to spoil it. You search the kitchen and end up settling on something light for breakfast.

bunny eating banana

With breakfast out of the way, you have to start getting ready! You picked out the perfect outfit to wear last night, but it doesn’t feel quite right, so you decide to try on your entire wardrobe, only to end up choosing the original outfit.

While you’ve spent most of your time on wardrobe, your family has been getting ready on their own time. They’re challenging you to try to make your makeup look fabulous as quickly as possible.

cat makeup_2

You finish getting ready just in time, with your parents rushing you out the door so you won’t be the last ones to arrive. Once you get in the car, it all seems real and you show up pumped and ready to celebrate.

Cheezburger movies animals dog cars

You walk through the door and suddenly you’re surrounded by family members bombarding you with questions all about your life. “How’s school?”, “Do you have a boyfriend?”, “What are you studying?” and the like. You try to escape to another room just to find yourself in another room with more relatives with the same questions.
puppies and cat

As things start to settle down, the family gathers in the living room and realizes that it’s game time! Cheering as your favorite team scores a touchdown and sharing in some smack talk during commercial breaks makes everyone decide to play a touch game outside.

Just as everyone walks inside, Grandma announces that the food’s ready. You all get extremely excited – now we’re talkin’ turkey! You walk through the dinner line, picking up thick, juicy slabs of turkey, delicious mounds of cranberry sauce, and large spoonfuls of extremely buttery mashed potatoes that you just want to dive into.

fox snow jumping stuck

You pick your spot out at the table, grabbing yourself a glass of sweet tea, and once grace has been said, dig into your mouth-watering feast!

possum animals watermelon opossum

You can’t help but stuff yourself with the amazing food that’s been cooked for you, and before you know it, you find yourself sneaking back into kitchen to get seconds (or thirds) before the best dishes disappear.

It’s almost time for your family to pack up and leave, so the most competitive part of Thanksgiving begins: the fight for leftovers. You see an aunt or a cousin start to reach for the plate that you wrote your name on and stare them down until they settle for what they have.

cat reaction wtf shocked watching

Finally it’s time to hug and kiss all of your loved ones goodbye and head back home. Even though you hate to see them go, but as you drift off to sleep in bed that night, you find solace in knowing that you’ll all be back together again in less than a month for Christmas.

So whether you’re celebrating with many loved ones at home, or eating take-out ’cause you burnt the food – no matter where you and your family find yourselves this Thanksgiving, don’t forget to remember all that you’re thankful for, especially the turkey! Now get to celebrating, the turkey isn’t going to eat itself! (It should though, cause it’s delicious.)

Cheezburger turkey gobble gobble dog

Featured image via Nancy Guth on Pexels



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