5 Romantic Summer Dates That Won’t Break The Bank

Dating is hard. It’s annoying and expensive. But, if you stick it out long enough, through all the fakeness, and the conversations that feel more like interviews, I promise it can be worth it! So whether you’re in the early stages and trying to save money while still being cute, or if it’s your second anniversary and you’re trying to save money while still being cute, these cheap yet classy ideas have you covered!

  1. Baguette and wine picnic:

You are doing the exact same thing you would at a restaurant, except you’re outside and you don’t have to pay for service. The fancy bread and cheese is way cheaper at the grocery store and you can pick from more options than any menu has. Bring it out to a park, or if one of you has a deck, have the entire fancy dining experience without other people around. You can’t go wrong if fresh air, bread, and alcohol are involved.

  1. Movies in the park:

A lot of cities have these nights at least once a week during the summer months. They get pretty crowded so you’re forced to cuddle. It’s most often free and the movies are usually family friendly so you will laugh and cry, but never have that weird sex scene moment where neither of you know what to do. Don’t act like you don’t know exactly what I mean.

  1. Happy hour:

If you’re a new couple, you will eventually go out drinking together so it’s better to get in the habit of starting early when it’s cheaper. Think of it as the adult pregaming; you drink as much as you can when it’s cheap so you won’t need so much later when it’s expensive. If you’re a more seasoned couple, you know what those bar tabs are like. And neither of you want to stay out much past 9 PM these days anyway. Most places off appetizer deals too, so no one gets too sloppy.

  1. Exploring the great outdoors:

Now that you two have sat outside together, cuddled, and got drunk, it’s time to experience the world. Whether you ride bicycles or decide to go on an easy hike, spending time together without a set agenda is really fun. You can see some beautiful sites or go check out spots you’ve never been to, all while being healthy and active for free. Mother Nature does have some great lighting for selfies.

  1. Netflix and actually chill:

I swear this can be romantic! Netflix has really obscure artsy movies, they have old movies, they have comedy specials, they have tv series throwbacks. Go to the corner store to grab all your favorite movie snacks instead of breaking the bank at the theatre. You can eat junk food and watch whatever both your heart’s desire. And after all those other dates, if one thing leads to another, who’s to judge?!

Summer lovin’ can certainly be a blast. With the weather on your side, everyone is a little happier and is willing to stay out a little later. It all comes together to make some great, and cheap, date nights. Dates don’t stop once you reach your sixth month together, so keep these in mind for all summers to come.

Featured image via Анна Хазова on Pexels


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