These Instagram Accounts Feature The Hottest Men Alive (And Wine)

This is the best thing since sliced bread.

You may have lurked a friends Insta-feed over their shoulder and been subjected to the impressive booty of Jen Selter or maybe it was the “I Like Girls Daily” account.  At any rate, you’ve likely come across one of the hundreds of accounts dedicated to appreciating the beautiful ladies of this world.

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Thankfully, for those of us looking to appreciate a little bit of man candy, the internet is obsessed with hot guys doing things. Whether that’s reading, drinking things, or eating salads, there is an Instagram account for you.

Oh, so you’re a book lover? Don’t worry, you can find your man on the subway,

in the military,


lounging on the beach,


or my personal favorite, showing off their dad skills by reading with children.


Alright, alright, so maybe the only reading you’ve done in the last few years was your course syllabus and coffee is more your thing. Don’t worry, we’ve got something for everyone.

Coffee in the bathtub? Check.

Photo by @trent_olans Tag a friend who would love this pic! Click the link in my bio for access to a secret #menandcoffee photo gallery.

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Maybe coffee and cats is more your thing.


Although sometimes, all we need is a simple cup of joe at our kitchen table.

Photo by @willhigginson #menandcoffee

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Now ladies, some of you don’t like coffee, I hear you. Thank goodness Instagrammers heard us and brought us the next best thing since sliced bread, MEN AND WINE. Yes, you heard me…hot men, DRINKING WINE!

On the patio,


or by the water,


how about in a field,


or taking selfies,

and of course, in suits


So ladies, next time you’re feeling like your Instagram feed could use an infusion of hunky men, look no further.

Featured Image via Men & Wine.



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