5 Women’s Health Tips To Improve Sexual Confidence

You probably have a daily routine for your face, but have you ever thought about how to care for your labia? The skin on your labia is even more sensitive than the skin on your face, and it requires special care. So what have you done lately to make your labia look good? 

Harvard Women’s Health Watch comprehensively discussed basic labia care, and here are some of of the most important things to keep in mind:


  • Don’t use soap, bubble bath, or perfumed wipes to clean your labia area. These all contain harsh chemicals that can easily irritate your skin. 
  • Don’t wear nylon-rich underwear. It traps warm air and moisture, which can cause yeast infections. It’s also non-absorbent, so it prolongs the amount of time that sweat is in contact with your skin. Our labias need to breathe!


  • Use lukewarm water and unscented, non-alkaline cleansers to clean your labia.  
  • Clean your labia with your fingers instead of a washcloth. Washcloths can hurt sensitive skin. 
  • Wear pure cotton underwear. It’s the most hygienic underwear option because it’s breathable and absorbent. If you prefer to wear less, going underwear-free is also great for your labia!

Some women undergo procedures to keep their vaginal area looking good. The increasing demand for vaginal rejuvenation, like labiaplasty, is on the rise. Labiaplasties treat elongated labias, also known as labia hypertrophy. If you’re experiencing something similar, then this procedure may be an option for you. It involves trimming the labia to improve the look and feel of the vaginal area. 

If your labia looks “deflated,” and you want a stronger contour, then augmentation labiaplasty of the labia majora may help you. It fixes the size and shape of the labia, and makes the labia firm and proportional. Many people call this “contoured appearance the “Barbie look.”

Scientific studies show that these procedures can improve sexual confidence and satisfaction by 82%. The best part? They’re minimally invasive and have an extremely short recovery time. 

The era of vaginal care is in full swing, and making your labia look good has never been so easy! With the help of cutting-edge technology and everyday care, you can finally feel confident about your labia! 

Photo by Spencer Davis on Unsplash



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