7 Thoughts You Have When Your Boyfriend Takes Longer Than You To Get Ready

I like to consider myself a pretty low-maintenance individual. Gone are the days that I wake up hours before I have to go to work in order to be ready on time. If I’m running late, I need 10 minutes or less to be ready and out the door. If I need to shower, give me 30 minutes, as long as you’re okay with my hair still being wet (which I’m fine with).

My boyfriend and I like to joke about how on our first date he took longer than me to get ready (which is true). This is because he was into me, and wanted to make a good first impression, whilst I saw him only as a friend, and so I put minimal effort into my appearance. However, he totally fell in love with my “I rolled out of bed and I’m in public anyway” look. This has put almost zero pressure on me to make sure I’m looking presentable, because he already thinks I look stunning.

Of course, when we have somewhere fancy to go, we both spend a considerably longer amount of time getting ready. But there have been multiple occurrences when my man, takes forever dolling himself up. Here’s 7 thoughts that run through everyone’s head when their boyfriend takes longer to get ready than they do:

1. What the hell is taking so long?

Um, seriously, though. Are you giving yourself a haircut in there? Are you setting a fire in the bathroom sink? Did you get hit with a serious case of the runs?

2. Do I have enough time to do my nails?

I mean, hey, OBVIOUSLY I have some extra time on my hands now. Should I literally use that time on my hands? Or my toenails, they’re looking pretty gnarly…

3. Why don’t I have a 360 mirror?

If I have all this time, I might as well be checking out my ass. I mean, everyone else is going to be later, and it’s not fair that I never get a chance.

4. Do I have a better outfit?

Now that you’ve given me all this time to contemplate my life decisions, I’m wondering if this dress was a good one. Probably not. Maybe I should go try on everything else in my closet again, despite the fact that I already went through the entire wardrobe three times before deciding on this dress…

5. *sigh* I guess I’ll check Twitter…

Because there’s nothing else to fill your time besides social media. Right?

6. Is it too early to pregame?

My boyfriend won’t feel bad, right? I mean, he IS taking forever…

7. Is this how guys feel all the time?

I am so sorry…

Although men pride themselves on supposedly taking only a matter of seconds to get from bed to the door, my experimental trials prove surprisingly, men take longer to get ready than women. Say what? Whether your man falls into this category, or he’s the one whining when you’re not ready to leave when he is, it’s nice to have a moment to realize what your boy is feeling, so you can maaaaybe be a bit empathetic next time he grumbles that you’re taking too long. He’s into you, and he merely wants to look his best. But really, tick tock, handsome.

Featured image via cottonbro on Pexels


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