The Struggle of Getting Ready For A Night Out (Video)

It’s a Friday night and you’re gearing to go out after a long week of exhausting exams.

Unfortunately, we all know that getting ready to go out and deciding on an outfit always raises more questions and frustrations than our actual daily studies.

You know there will be an Instagram picture posted by at least three people. You have to decide whether it is too cold for that mini skirt but you know you will sweat the moment you get to wherever you are going. Are you too bloated for a crop top?

It is a hassle we all know too well. Not to mention, that once you’ve got the look, you have to worry about where you are going, who is coming, and what text are you going to end up sending to your mom tonight.

Many of us were not gifted with the Beyoncé ability to “wake up like this,” so cheers to the dramatic lives we live and the struggle that leads to unforgettable nights.


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