More Than Meets The Eye: How Women Can Be Sexy And Intelligent

Yes, it's really possible!

It is often said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but what about brains? In today’s world, being aesthetically pleasing is valued highly, yet not nearly enough emphasis is placed on being intelligent. There are countless preconceived notions about beautiful women, like the belief that because someone is strikingly beautiful, this means they’re probably a f*cking moron. Why does this stereotype exist? I don’t know. The reality still remains that while you can be the most beautiful b*tch in the room, if you’ve got a total of zero substance, personality, and/or intelligence, nobody will entertain you for very long. The following are prime examples of knockouts whose expansive minds match their killer exteriors:

1. Rachel McAdams


You may know her from her incredible roles in both The Notebook and Wedding Crashers (yes, you have permission to swoon), but Rachel McAdams is far more than a blockbuster beauty. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from York University in Toronto, proving that beauty and brains can definitely go hand-in-hand.

2. Brooke Shields


Ah, the timelessly beautiful Brooke Shields: she’s a model, an actress, and also a scholar. Brooke has a Bachelor’s degree in French Lit from – get this – Princeton University. Yes, this means that the illustrious Brooke Shields is probably smarter than all of the hot girls you know combined. With a lethal combination of looks and intelligence, Brooke is undoubtedly one tall drink of (smart) water.

3. Eva Longoria


You may know her as a desperate housewife, but Eva Longoria is anything but desperate when it comes to her intellect. This petite Latina bombshell obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology from Texas A&M University and still continues to rock a bikini into her forties. She proves that smart, seductive, and successful can most definitely be rolled into one gorgeous woman. How’s that for spicy?

4. Jennifer Garner


Despite her recently tumultuous personal life, this beauty is schooled. Jen has a Bachelor’s degree in Drama (how appropriate) from Denison University in Granville, Ohio. She’s an ambassador for Neutrogena skincare, a dynamic actress, and an intellect. You go, Jen Coco!

5. Sandra Bullock


This actress is a triple threat: sexy, sophisticated, and scholastic. Bullock earned a Bachelor’s degree in Drama from East Carolina University and has since gone on to star in blockbusters such as Gravity and The Blind Side. On top of that, she was even earned the prestigious title of People’s “Most Beautiful Woman” of 2015. Damn, Sandy!

The aforementioned women are sexually-charged proof that females can, in fact, embody beauty and brains. Let this dispel any stereotypes about hotties being brain dead, for it’s possible to be the full package after all. 

Featured Image via Unsplash


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