12 Themed Party Ideas For The Nights You Probably Won’t Remember

Okay, admit it. You’re missing school! Your college friends became your distant family members, and you’re experiencing a little (or a lot) of separation anxiety. There are ways to make your hometown friends just as rowdy, all you need is a little old fashioned themed-party fun. And no, I don’t mean the princess dress-up parties your mom threw you in third grade. I mean little clothing, lots of drinking, and an excuse to spend hours planning your outfit. Here’s a list of 12 of my favorite tried and tested party themes to carry you through until September.

1. The ABC: Anything But Clothes

If you’ve never been to an Anything But Clothes party, you need to add it to your college to-do list. Basically, it’s the best excuse to DIY your entire outfit. From caution tape to Pokémon cards, I’m a veteran in the ABC department. Get your Pinterest accounts ready ladies, and be sure to check your local dollar store’s hours.

2. Not-so-average ABC: Anything But Cups

One of my favorite variations on the classic ABC: the Anything But Cups. This party showcases two kinds of guys: the ones with a sense of humor and the ones without. I’ve had friends show up with anything from an ice skate to a Windex bottle full of blue Vex. Added perks: no judgments on size.

3. The Classic: Toga

Who doesn’t love a good toga party? I mean, I feel like these occurred way more often in the 90’s, but they’re still awesome today too. Nothing but a white sheet to showcase your unbelievably vogue fashion taste? Challenge accepted. Try pairing your outfit with a cute flower crown or a braided belt for added “Greek-Goddess” points.

4. CEOs and Office Hoes

There is nothing hotter than a guy in a suit. Wait – yes there is…a college guy in an unbuttoned shirt and a tie carrying a 6-pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon. This also gives you a chance to whip out your nerdy glasses, throw your hair in some pigtails, and play sexy secretary.

5. Angels and Devils

This party separates the good from the bad. Have your guests dress up as either an angel or a devil. You might even choose to make some devil’s punch and throw on your Victoria Secret Angel wings.

6. White Out

Grab some plain white tees with your bff then invite the gang over. Line up sharpies around the room and watch the fun unfold. You may not even have to explain this party to people, the temptation of permanent pens and white shirts mixed with some booze should be enough to get some phone numbers and nicknames scribbled on each other.

7. #TBT 90s Party

Generation Y is constantly nostalgic about the choker necklaces, high-top shoes, and Spice Girls sing alongs. Bring 90’s trends back on a Thursday night with a killer playlist. It’ll give your friends something wicked to Instagram about.

8. Stoplight Party

The idea’s pretty simple. If you’re in a relationship, dress in red. If you’re single, dress in green, and if you’re not sure, wear yellow. This is an easy color code system to ensure all hookups are backed up by some solidified confirmation.

9. Mathletes and Athletes

The choice is yours: wear a jersey or bring out your inner nerd for the night. From Spider-Man comic tees to Football letterman jackets, this party brings two opposing sides of the Universe together in a fun experiment to see who was hot-or-not in high school.

10. Kegs and Eggs

A nice little spin on your regular kegger. Preferably save this morning kegger for a day worth celebrating, but if you want to start drinking and cooking breakfast on a typical Saturday, you do you.

11. I Can’t Believe You Wore That

This party is always a blast. I’ve shown up to these jams in a Canadian tuxedo (denim on denim on denim) and another time in a full force bunny suit. You literally wear the craziest outfit you own. Dig out your denim mini skirt, knit puppy sweater from your grandma, and ugly Velcro shoes.

12. Rubik’s Cube Mixer

Finally, the Rubik’s cube mixer. Everyone must come to the party wearing solid print clothing items in all of the following colors: red, orange, blue, green, yellow, and white. You must then make your way around the party throughout the night and exchange clothing with friends in order to complete your Rubik’s cube outfit and be all one color. Sounds like a good reason to me to get some new clothes, switch up your closet, and maybe catch a few glimpses of some guys changing their shirts.

When the time comes to ditch the card games and beer pong, we’ve got you covered. Hopefully your summer-time blues get spiced up with some of these fun party ideas. Try a few, or try them all so that your alcohol tolerance gets back to its A-game for when you’re back at school. Happy partying!

Featured image via Mitchell Orr on Unsplash


  1. I love this article! The only one I haven’t heard of was the Rubik’s cube mixer. I love it though! I feel like if everyone is drinking it might get a little confusing and people will just forget, but I love it! I think it’s great! There is a Vegas mixer that could have been added to this list, I know Vegas is a huge one. One of my sorority sisters dressed as a blue man for one of our exchanges for this theme and it was great!


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