3 Reasons It’s Okay To Not Have Your Life Together By Now

Life comes at you fast. It seems like only yesterday we were stressing over who our roommate would be freshman year, and now we’re stressing over internships and jobs. We try our best to show the people around us that we know what we’re doing and that we have our lives together, but sometimes we just don’t.

There’s no secret to success in life or a master plan to how you should live your life. As we get sucked into perfecting our resumes and checking the boxes on job applications, we need to realize that not having it all together is by no means hindering our future goals. Not having it all together is one of the best things that can happen to us.

Instead of being stuck on a fixed path, we create our own.

There are people who know exactly what they want out of life. Some people draft their five-year plans and do everything they can to meet each accomplishment. That works for them, but not for everyone.

Whether the idea of a plan makes you cringe or you’re just too lazy to get around to making one, there is no shame in having no idea what you want. There’s no right or wrong path to life. Each person’s path has twists and turns, so keep doing what feels right.

It takes a brave person to make their own path in life, and those of us that do are a breed of their own. No matter how hard or overwhelming life can get, we have the ability to find our focus and keep moving forward.

We take every opportunity that comes our way.

When you’re focusing on one thing, it’s hard to see the opportunities around you. Being without a plan makes it easy to try new things. With nothing tying you down, the opportunities are truly endless.

People that are stuck to a plan miss out on some of the most incredible life experiences that come with traveling or trying something new. By taking chances and risks, we gain more life experience that anyone working a desk job or hoarded up in their room studying all night. Our risks are often what define us.

When it comes time to settle down, we do it without regrets.

Everyone thinks ‘what if’ at one point or another with their lives. What if I would’ve taken that job, studied abroad, or saved more money? But people who don’t force themselves into a plan have the opportunity to let their life settle organically into their future.

To be able to sit down and know that you have no regrets is a beautiful thing. As people around you begin to have their midlife crisis and do the things that they wish they would have, you can sit back and relax. Although it seems like we’re a mess now, reality will soon enough repay us.

While people are freaking out because their life seems like it’s in shambles, reassure them that everything will be okay. No one truly has it all together. Even those with their lives planned out feel fear, so push fear to the side and don’t let anyone tell you that your plan is wrong − even if it’s a blank sheet of paper.

Featured image via Joel Overbeck on Unsplash


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