10 Things You Need To Start Caring About Like, Yesterday

Every time I go to my dentist they tell me to floss more, yet every evening I question its necessity (a la point #1). There are plenty of small things that we are all aware of, but we don’t necessarily want to change our lives for them, no matter how small the change might be. Here are a few things that you should definitely care about, but probably don’t:

1. Flossing.

Who wants to end up gap-toothed and riddled with gum disease? Not me. I want to keep full grin my pearly whites shining until I’m at least 80 years old, so I really must keep forcing myself to do this on the daily.

2. Politics and how your views align.

Politicians control the direction in which the entire country progresses, this links to education, healthcare and vital services on both a local and national level. Figuring out where you stand, acquainting yourself with your local electorate, and hitting the polling stations each election is an important part of having your say about how you want the world to be.

3. Taking care of your diet.

Cut back on your sugar intake before the diabetes kicks in and you literally have to cut it out altogether. I mean, if it gets really bad you even end up cutting a lot of carbs – it’s for your own health and happiness!

4. Not using excessive amounts of disposable plastic.

Say no to the shopping bag, take-out fork, and even restaurant straws. So much plastic ends up in the ocean every year, killing important parts of the ecosystem and turning it into an elaborate, wet rubbish dump. Make a few small changes so that your kids, nieces, and nephews can enjoy it in the future.

5. Keeping your place clean.

I’m not talking de-cluttering, I’m talking basic hygiene. No one wants to live with germs, so clean it up, on the reg. While you are at it, take the trash out at least every couple of days and don’t forget the disinfectant spray when you wipe down the kitchen!

6. The ivory trade.

The African elephant population has decreased by 30% in just seven years, and none of us want this amazing species to be gone forever.

7. Reducing your carbon footprint.

We only have one planet, and if everyone makes a few small changes, the difference will be huge. Try cycling to work or car-pooling. Turn off the lights and don’t leave electronics running or charging longer than necessary. This will do your bank balance a few favors on the side.

8. Recycling.

I mean, do you really want to turn the planet into one big rubbish dump – think long term and recycle as much of your trash as you can so that it doesn’t go to landfill.

9. Understanding different cultures.

The world may have always been this diverse, but we haven’t always been able to interact so easily. With travel becoming easier by the week, and more people migrating to live in new countries, we are one big, complex community of cultures. Take some time to learn about the beliefs and traditions of your neighbors, or those you visit on your next vacation, let’s all try to understand each other a bit better.

10. Investing smartly.

Learning how to save, store and invest your hard earned cash could be the key to a golden future. It’s worth spending some time figuring out your finances and understanding the options for making them work better. I’m sure you can think of a few ways to utilize the extra dollars.

Now you have read them, you probably think they are freaking obvious and, well, yeah they kind of are, but maybe you will think twice next time you order a cocktail and ask for it without the straw, just one small thing you can do to help us all make a big difference.

Featured Image via Unsplash


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