When He Ends Up Becoming The Person You Didn’t Want Him To Be

This is a poem about having reality hit you like a speed of light when your dreams start to turn into reality, but all the dreams that start to come to life aren’t so bright. It is about dreaming up a person that you have wanted to be with for so long but then finding out that reality is far from the picture that you had in your head and this is more a curse than a gift. It is about the moment that you realize he isn’t everything that you thought he would be and that you know it has to come to an end, but you really don’t want to wake up, because your dream is so much better left inside your head.

We all have those moments,
And dream up someone from afar.
Those ones to help you get over the last one,
Those ones that you don’t think will ever make you fall.

We all have that person,
That we dream up in our mind.
We use them as a guiding post,
To help us pass the time.

We all have those daydreams,
Where we let our dreams push us further than we know.
But we all don’t have those opportunities,
When life gives us the moments we wanted all along.

The moments when fantasy can become reality,
The moments when our dreams can become real,
The moments where he actually wants you back,
The moments that you forget how to feel.

When life lets you have your cake and eat it too,
To enjoy the moments of bliss when you finally get what you’ve wanted all along.
When life gives you a bonus card,
To a hand you can’t lose.

But the reality is,
This is real life and far from the dream.
This isn’t the man that you thought he was going to be,
And this isn’t what you dreamt up for the end scene.

This hurts,
More than I ever thought it would.
This breaks,
More than I ever thought it could.

This isn’t how I saw it playing out in my mind.
I can’t stand being in the same room with you at the same time.

This isn’t how it was supposed to play out,
I didn’t even get my kiss,
This wasn’t supposed to be so hard,
And now I know that as reality sets in.

I tried so hard to make it work,
But you watched it slip before your fingers in time.
You didn’t see the significance of it all,
And I was the one that was left blind.

You were so much better as the man I dreamt up in my head.
You were so caring and understanding,
You were so real and true,
You were everything I thought you would be, but this isn’t you.

I see now that dreams are so beautiful,
Because they’re our own.
I know better now,
Than to dream up something that doesn’t belong.

I hope someday you will see the world through my eyes,
And see the hurt that is in store.
I hope one day you will realize,
The reason I was so hurt by our demise.

Back to sleep now I go,
For a world much better than my own.
A world of peace and love,
And no heartbreak can last for long.
I hope not to see you there,
In a world again where you were so pure.
One day I will be able to forgive,
But until then, let my dreams be my own.

Featured image via Unsplash


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