Should You Or Should You Not Go Through Your Significant Other’s Phone?

#AskKelly is a new Unwritten segment where our readers can ask Kelly Alto any questions they have about boys, college, or just life in general. Kelly is the Ghandi of advice for everything millenial and she is more than ready to be your therapist. Now, go comment your questions, what are you waiting for?


  1. HIYA KELLY ALTO — I MISS AND LOVE YOU DEARLY AND CANNOT WAIT TO CONNECT VIA THE ETHERNET REALMS SOON!!! Can i and I book a therapy session with you soon please?!!! miss you so so so so sooooo much!!! HEY–re-MEMBER after my fiance hung himSelf and you asked SO INNOCENTLY if I wanted to play hangman?! THAT WAS HILARIOUS!!! I’m writing a novel now and ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO HAVE YOUR HUMOR INFUSED INTO IT!!! ALSO, i and I believe some internet faeries are helping me along the way (since it’s such a digital age nowadays) andddd should be getting in touch with you soon. CANNOT WAIT TO DANCE TO MORE AARON CARTER SONGS WITH YOU!!! Thank your Momma, Mama Judy & Nana, for me pretty please. I miss them dearly and cannot wait to hug them IRL too! Matt Sloan, my Zac Efron twin Producer and Independent Film-Maker should be getting in touch with you soon. Also, have you been to Disney World?! or land?! Whichever the one in Cali is>! Would you like to come with me and some younger climbers from our Gym?>! You and Jenny and Blake and Chrissy Zahorsky were always the super duper pretty ones in our hood–I was just the tomboy getting down in the dirt. Love you so much, cannot wait to have your hilarious commentary infused into our Story too! Thanks again for sending the music/video playlist with TT was in the hospital! Ps YAYYYY AKISMET 🙂 <3 ALSO, Rachel and Joe named their dog Tank which re-Minds me of HANK!!! RIP good ol hanky boy. xoxoxoxoxoooooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxoxoxox


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