Why This Is The Kind Of Attention You Deserve

Loneliness is hard. And when you’re in a relationship, lonely is one thing you should never feel, ever. A relationship is a partnership and you deserve to have every ounce of their attention and respect. Yet, many suffer with gaining the correct amount of attention from the person they love.

If you feel lonely in your relationship it’s time you really need to evaluate the situationship with your partner because you should not be feeling this way one bit.

Life can get busy, we get that. And we know that it’s unrealistic to want absolutely every ounce of someone’s attention. The issue at hand is when you begin to overthink yourself into not being a priority and falling into second or even last place with your partners life.

I can tell you that you deserve more than the person who is breaking your heart or the one who already broke it.

You deserve quality time, not just time. You don’t even have to do anything spectacular, just simple. As long as you make use of your quality time you will be emotionally fulfilled. Whether it’s being able to get the physical reassurance by the power of touch or become distracted by the random conversation.

You deserve someone who will make you a priority, not someone who makes you feel like an item on a checklist. You aren’t just something to do or someone to see, and no one should make you feel that way. Life gets busy, but the person you deserve will put in that effort and make it up to you.

You deserve someone who will give you more attention than their phone does (unless they’re talking to you on it). Today’s generation is so focused on multitasking and being glued to their phone so they don’t miss out on something that happens online all while they miss out on what’s right in front of them. You always should expect to have their undivided attention and be a back up to someone else who isn’t even there.

If you ever feel like you have  to beg or that you are an inconvenience, you need to do yourself a favor and be the one who leaves. You might be hurting and it will be a terrible feeling to leave, but the feeling of not being good enough will only hurt you more.

Another person will give you the attention you deserve. You’re scared in your comfort zone of the one you know and are afraid to leave it for the unknown. You think you won’t ever find someone again but you will, and when you do it’ll be the best feeling in the world.

When we get attention it makes us feel special and desirable, and you’ll never doubt your worth to someone ever again. Be patient and build yourself up again after the lack of attention you’ve been receiving. Because someone will come along and prove to you with their quality time that you are a priority and that you are worth it.

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash


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