4 Irreplaceable Qualities That Only A Long Distance Relationship Can Build

Anyone who is currently in a long-distance relationship definitely saw the title of this article and clicked it in disbelief, probably saying to themselves, “ya, ok.” When you’re away at school and you are having a super stressful day/week/month, it’s tough to see the plus side to not seeing your Significant Other. It often feels like everything would be easier to tackle if you could just head over to their house and grab a hug. Have you ever considered that maybe distance actually does make the heart grow fonder?

You appreciate physically being with them a thousand times more than you did before. Distance (usually) makes the heart grow fonder, and being apart makes seeing each other super exciting. You could have been dating for 2 years and still get all sweaty palmed and heart race-y while you wait for them at the airport gate.

You learn how to be on your own. Being a young adult, it’s really important to figure out living solo. A lot of people find their love on campus, which can leave them depending on the other person. The beauty in being together, but also apart, is that you get to explore the world on your own and you get to grow independently. This way, if you ever do break up, you aren’t stranded. You know perfectly well how to hit the town and have a good time on your own.

You learn how to communicate. The lack of time you get face-to-face teaches you how to navigate a relationship that is often non-physical. You learn how to make each other happy by discussing your day, asking questions, having intellectual conversations and debates. You usually don’t have the physical aspects of a relationship to fall back on, so you and your SO tend to share similar ideas and emotions.

You have your own life, and they have theirs. Trust me, I know it’s awesome to do stuff together –grocery shopping is way more fun when it’s with your special someone. But it’s also really sweet that you have your own friends, your own job and your own place. Bonus of two groups of friends: really awesome trips to see each other and a huge network of people you get along with.

It might help to take a step back and consider the not-so-bad parts of being in a long-distance relationship. They exist, and once you realize the blessing in disguise you have, you’ll appreciate this relationship regardless of where the two of you live. Remember, for a long-distance relationship to work, both of you need to be equally committed. If you can get through the distance, you can get through a lot.

Featured image via Nycolle Suabya on Pexels


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