Twitter Is Tearing DJ Khaled Apart And It’s Hilarious

In an interview with a radio station, DJ Khaled proudly went into detail about his sex life with his wife, Nicole Tuck. He said he doesn’t perform oral sex on his wife, but expects her to perform it on him. See the clip here:

It caused a lot of people to voice their anger, frustration, and other various opinions on social media. The rapper unintentionally started a war against him and the rest of the world.

But actually…

Preach Jeffree Star, preach.

Considering Smash Mouth performed at Trumps inauguration, they can’t say much. But they have a very valid point.

It’s true, I don’t know why he thinks she’s his property…


Anyone else just laugh out loud?

Of course this man is taking this opportunity to make other men seem better than they are. *eye roll*

But this man speaking up I can gladly deal with. *eye roll with a lip bite*

Yes Helen, speak up for what you believe in!

I’m pretty sure the only time a politician wants to discuss anyone’s sex life is when they are caught in a scandal while in office. Am I right President Trump and former President Clinton?

I mean, this person isn’t lying…

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You know you have issues when is starting beef with you.

The last tweet about this situation, sums this all up perfectly.

Now, as some people online have mentioned that it may be a Muslim practice to not, or it’s not common for Muslim men to do perform oral sex. Some have even argued that the “ownership”/”king” Muslim men have is also common in their culture. Regardless, I don’t believe that Khaled is that into his culture, or at least that’s the impression he gives off in the media.

Who knows, maybe Khaled’s wife isn’t a fan of being orally pleased (probably not, but you never know), or he made it up to be ‘the man’. But still, he should not have voiced something so personal like that for the public and media to hear.

Moral of the story: get yourself a man who has a good tongue and knows how to use it.

Feature image via Dj Khaled. 


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