Why HAIM Is The Bad Ass Girl Band You Can’t Get Enough Of

Do you ever need some music to jam out when you’re in traffic or on your way to your nine to five job? HAIM might be that your playlist thirst. They are a rock band formed by three sisters, Danielle (vocals and guitar), Este (bass player and vocals), and Alana (guitar, keyboards, and vocals). HAIM is taking the music world by storm with their unique sounds, top charting tracks, and inspirations.

HAIM’s sound is a fusion of rock, indie, and R&B all wrapped up in a band. These girls are involved in every aspect of their music from writing it to producing it. They are one of those bands where you can immediately identify with their sound. Their music is the type of music that can make you feel like you just discovered the love of your life to reliving a heartbreak.

Haim’s music has topped Billboard charts, their most recent album Something to Tell You peaking at number seven and past record Days Are Gone reaching number six on Billboard. Their top five songs alone have gotten over them over 50 million views on youtube. If you are interested in listening to their top songs they are: “The Wire,” “If I could Change Your Mind,” “Don’t Save Me,” “Want You Back,” and “Little of Your Love.”

In recent interviews, HAIM has discussed their ideas of dealing with sexist comments and fighting stereotypes. HAIM is about supporting all women. On their victory speech on VO5 NME Awards in 2018, the band took a moment to remind women in the music industry that they belong in the music studios. Este took the mic and said “and also the fans, everyone here, and anyone that identifies as a girl, whenever you walk into a guitar shop or a soundcheck or a recording studio, do not let anyone that’s there intimidate you or make you feel like you don’t belong there, because you do belong there. Thank you.”

HAIM is tackling issues that are rarely mentioned in the music industry like the sexism against women. Rarely do women get positions in the music industry or are told that they should stick to one particular genre. It’s refreshing to seeing girls supporting girls.

HAIM’s unique sounds, top-charting tracks, and support helped them gain the hearts of millions. Their songwriting has brought us many hits we can resonate with after any situation. Their songs have topped on both alternative and mainstream charts that not many artists can do. Their support to women in the music industry has given women hope. Not to mention they have inspired every girl who wants work in the music industry that they can do it. What more could you want from such a band?

Feature image via “Haim intervju – Øyafestivalen” by NRK P3 / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0


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