Coco-Nuts: 10 Things You Never Knew You Could Use Coconut Oil For

Coconut oil has so many uses beyond just cooking. This oil can be incorporated into your beauty routine and everyday life to get you looking your best for summer. Some of these ideas might seem a little weird, but I swear they work! Coconut oil can be a bit expensive, but once you see all the things you can use it for, buying a jar of it will be totally worth it.

1. Oil pulling
Oil pulling is when put a tablespoon of coconut oil in your mouth and swish it around for 20 minutes. When you’re done make sure to spit it out in your garbage so it doesn’t clog the pipes in your sink or toilet. After doing oil pulling a few times, you’ll notice your teeth getting whiter! In addition to having whiter teeth, oil pulling also helps with cavity and gingivitis protection, stronger teeth and gums, and better breath.

2. Makeup remover
Similar to baby oil, you can also use coconut oil to remove your stubborn waterproof makeup. Water proof mascara is always a pain to get off and coconut oil is so much gentler on your eyes than makeup wipes.

3. Soft hair
Put this oil in dry hair overnight. When you take a shower in the morning, just wash your hair as normal and you’ll be left with super soft strands (that also smell like a tropical oasis!).

4. Body oil
After you get out of the shower put the oil on slightly damp skin and feel the moisture sink into your pores. Coconut oil is better than a body butter from the store because not only is it more natural but you also get longer lasting moisture.

5. Lip balm
Stick some in an empty tin you have lying around and you can carry it around in your purse just like any other lip balm. Coconut oil is solid until it’s melted so it won’t get messy and spill in your bag.

6. Coffee creamer
Put a little in your morning cup of coffee to lessen the drink’s bitter taste! Just be sure not to put too much or you’ll have bits of unmelted oil in your mug.

7. Cuticle oil
Dab a little of the oil on your cuticles to heal any rough edges and restore some of the moisture. Even a little bit of this stuff can be so powerful.

8. Eyelash growth
Before you go to bed every night, brush a little bit on your eyelashes to help them get longer. The oil gives your eyelashes some moisture to help them grow faster.

9. Under eye cream
Don’t want to drop your paycheck on some expensive eye cream? Before you go to bed each dab a little coconut oil under your eyes to help with bags and puffiness. 

10. Cracked heels
Nothing is worse than having cracked heels in the summer months. Rub on dry heels to get your feet ready for those super cute sandals you just bought!

There are endless uses for coconut oil and I use it everyday as a moisturizer and makeup remover and it works wonders! The investment is definitely worth it. Pick even just a few of these uses and you’ll be able to get so much mileage out of your jar. Who knows, you might even discover some uses for it on your own!

Featured image via Tijana Drndarski on Unsplash


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