It’s Time To Change Your ‘Mean Girl’ Behavior And Stop Doing These 7 Things

Mean girls: We’ve all faced them. They strut around and spew sassy, bitchy, just plain mean remarks. While their little act may seem “cute” at first, after five seconds, you no longer want to be around them.

Being a “mean girl” is much more than just having an RBF or rolling your eyes often. In fact, it has nothing to do with your appearance. If other people consider you a “mean girl,” it’s probably because you display some (or all) of these characteristics:

1. Pettiness

I don’t mean silly, petty high-schooler crap. I mean acting in a way that potentially hurts someone’s feelings. You didn’t like the way your co-worker looked at you the other day so you decide to not answer their work-related email? You might be a “mean girl.” You didn’t like how your roommate asked you for a pen, so you threw it at them? Yup, you’re a “mean girl.”Pettiness isn’t cute. If you don’t like what someone does, ignore it. Cut the sh*t and grow up. 

2. Belittling

It’s one thing to correct someone if they’re not sure how to complete a task. It’s a completely different thing to degrade them and make them think that there’s something wrong with how they work. If you purposely make someone feel bad for working or acting a certain way, shame on you. It’s not funny — it’s just mean. 

3. Talking Behind Other People’s Backs

You’re not going to mesh with everyone you meet, but you still shouldn’t bash other people behind their backs. Follow the other Golden Rule: If you wouldn’t say it to their face, don’t say it at all.

4. Excluding Others

When you’re at work or school, chances are that you’ll befriend some of your coworkers or classmates.  Of course you can hang out with your friends outside of work or school. However, if you purposefully talk about your plans in front of someone who isn’t invited, it’s rude. In fact, excluding others is downright mean.  Unless everyone you’re talking to is invited, don’t mention your plans around other people.

5. Bossiness

Don’t get me wrong – being a leader is great. Being bossy, though, is not. If you constantly tell people what to do, redirect them, and put them down, you aren’t helping them.  Instead, you’re just being bossy. Focus on what you need to do and stop worrying about other people. If they need help, they’ll ask you. 

6. Gossiping

If someone doesn’t show up to work or an event, you don’t have the right to start spreading rumors about them. Are we still in 6th grade? If you don’t know someone’s situation, don’t lie about their circumstances to make them look bad. Your assumptions and rumor can get other people in a lot of unnecessary trouble!

7. Starting Drama 

People often choose to start drama because their lives bore them. If this describes you, I have one question: Why? What does starting drama do – besides annoy everyone? Drama creates tension and can destroy friendships and relationships. If your life is so boring that you want to start drama, find a hobby. Stop concerning yourself with everyone else’s lives, and focus on yourself.

If you relate to most (or all) of these characteristics, it’s time to change your “mean girl” behavior. It’s 2021, so cut the mean girl act and start empowering those around you. You don’t have to be best friends with everyone you meet, but being nice goes a long way. Once you let go of the “mean girl” act, you’ll realize that life is so much easier when you’re not making others miserable. 

Featured Photo by Joel Muniz on Unsplash


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